Getting Started

Oxxy gives you the opportunity to create your own website in a matter of minutes from the comfort of your own home. No coding skills needed! To register and start making a site, please visit our FAQ page and select the question How do I start using the platform?

Once you log in into your new account, you will access our website editor where you can create and publish as many websites as you want.

Oxxy site builder default layout

When the editor opens, click on All pages where you can see all of the website's pages. Click on any of them to begin customizing. Next to each page you see the options Style editor, Page settings, Duplicate page and Delete page.

All pages panel

The Style editor opens sections that allow you to customize the backgrounds, the font and colors of your site, page by page. Choose a color from the color palette for the different areas of your site or click on Image to insert one instead.

Style editor of a particular page

From Page settings you can rename a page, set the page SEO, make the page to be your home page or hide it from the site menu.

Page settings panel

The Page settings and Style page are also available from the left side on the grey area of the editor above All pages.

Page settings and Style editor buttons

You can easily add elements to your pages from the Elements' toolbar that you can move around by drag and drop. You have great variety of items to add such as texts, images, videos, social media buttons, galleries, PayPal buttons, and many other. At the bottom of the toolbar, you have the undo and redo buttons, copy and paste. When you add an element, you will see that each one has its own menu that appears on the right top corner. You have there all the customizing options for this particular element – edit/settings, style, move in front of or under another, lock, pin to all pages, unpin from other pages, unpin only from this page and delete.

Elements' toolbar

If you want to move around a selection of elements at once, Oxxy provides the functionality for that. All you need to do is: select with your mouse the area that you want to move and then drag and drop it. You can also copy and then paste a block of elements. The principle is the same – make selection, then click copy from the toolbar and then - paste. The block is being copied and you just need to position it wherever you want.

To preview your site and navigate like your visitors will, simply select the Preview button on the top black side of the editor. Do not forget to save the changes when you are done editing from the Save button on the right side below Preview.

Your Site settings are there too – just above Preview. Change your site name, domain, SEO settings, follow your stats, customize your favicon and more.

To open your Multimedia library, select the bottom Media library below the Settings menu. All files for your site are there in one place. From Media library you can easily upload as many images, videos and documents as you want and view, delete or change them at any time.

To access your Account settings and update your account information, find the button Settings menu on the top right of the grey side of the editor. Logging out of your account is easy – simply click on the Log out button below Send feedback.

Log out and Send feedback buttons

To get familiar with the functionality and features in more detail, please keep reading the information below.

Thank you!

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