Setting up your blog

Oxxy offers you the opportunity to create a proper online blog. Using our blog module you can create and edit unlimited number of blog articles, listing them in a chronological order. The blog module is included in all subscription plans and all Oxxy users are allowed to make a trial. However, only users who have activated Plus or Ecommerce plans can publish their blogs online.


In order to activate your blog:

  • Click on the “b” icon at the right upper corner in the right menu of the builder. After that, click on the “Manage blog” button. Also, you can choose the same Blog section (the icon with the letter “b”) from the central menu with the elements. Then click on “Create blog”. Once you activate the blog module, you can use the “Blog” button at the right upper corner of the builder in order to enter in the admin panel of your blog. There you can create and edit your blog articles. Please, be aware that each blog is connected to a specific website.

When you activate the blog module, there are 2 template blog pages that appears in your website: Blog and Post page

  • The Blog page contains a list with all blog posts
  • The Post page is the template visualization of the blog posts

From these two pages, only the Blog page appears visible in the website menu. You can hide it from the menu and create a new separate page where to visualize the same list of blog articles. Read the instructions in the section Blog page settings to understand how to do that.

Admin panel

The Admin panel allows you to manage your blog, create and edit articles and group them in categories.

In order to enter in the Admin panel, you need to click on the “Blog” button at the right upper corner of the builder.

In the admin panel you can find the following options:

  • Posts

    – create and edit blog articles.

  • Categories

    – create thematic categories to group blog articles.

  • Tags

    – create keyword tags to insert them in the blog articles.

  • Settings

    – fill the blog name and choose the blog language.

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