Embed (Custom HTML)

Oxxy lets you add custom HTML to your website. In order to do it, you need to use the HTML element which is located in the buttons section on the elements toolbar. Note that this feature is only available for the premium plans.

To add custom HTML:

  1. Select the HTML element
  2. Add your code into the text area

Note that the HTML element is best used in order to add third party web widgets to your site. These are tools developed by others that can be integrated on your website. Popular types of web widgets include calendars, booking forms, clocks, weather displays, forums, etc. To integrate a web widget into your Oxxy website you need to take the embed code from the developer’s website and paste it into the HTML element in Oxxy.

Keep in mind that Oxxy isn’t responsible for the functioning of any third party widget. In case some widget embed in Oxxy doesn’t work properly you need to ask the developer of that third party widget for support.

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