Blog page settings

Each one of the two blog page templates (Blog and Post), which are added to your website, has its own settings.

Blog template page (List of blog posts):

    Use the gear icon of the window which contains the blog articles list to make the settings you desire related to the blog posts visualization:

    • Your Categories – choose to visualize only the articles of a specific categories
    • Date format – choose the preferred data format
    • Read more button – there is a "Read more" button under each blog article preview which you can customize
    • Text alignment– choose the preferred text alignment
    • Max description characters – set the maximum number of symbols in the blog article preview

If you want to visualize the blog post in another page and not in the Blog template page, follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the blog page and click the gear icon in order to enter in the page settings
  2. Click on "Hide from menu" option and them confirm by clicking on the "Ok" button below
  3. Create a new page
  4. To visualize the list of articles on the new page, click on the "Blog" icon in the central menu with the elements and then on "Post listing". There will appear a new window with all the blog articles
  5. Use the gear icon of the window to choose to visualize only the articles of a specific categories, set the date format, Read more button and the number of description characters

Post template page (Blog post visualization):

  1. When you open the Post template page, you will see how the article will be visualized on your website. This visualization will be the same for all articles and you can use the Post template page to customize it according to your preferences. Use the gear icon of the article window to choose the date format. Be aware, that if you add additional elements to this page, they will appear automatically to all blog post pages.

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