Site subscriptions

The Site subscriptions button you can find when you open Settings menu, located on the top right side of the HTML editor.

Site subscriptions

The Site subscription section allows you to view and manage your subscriptions with Oxxy. Selecting this navigation, you will find a list of your package plans with Oxxy and the following information regarded with them:

  • Package type – this is the type of package you have chosen. Please click here to learn more about the site packages we offer and their prices. Under the name of every plan but the annual Premium ones, you will see an Upgrade button that will allow you to upgrade your package any time you want.
  • Cycle – this is the payment period of your plan that could be either monthly or yearly or a cycle of one or 12 months. If you want to upgrade from monthly to yearly plan, click the Upgrade button below the package name and follow the instructions.
  • Next charge – here you will see when the next payment for your plan will be attempted.
  • Assigned to site – this is the name of the template you have assigned to your plan.
  • Linked domain – here you see the domain you have chosen to link to your site. To learn more about domains, click here.

To upgrade your subscription with Oxxy:

  • From Account settings, click on Site subscriptions.
  • Under the package type, click on the Upgrade button below the package plan you want to upgrade.
  • Then it will take you to the Pricing page, so that you can choose the type of subscription you want.
  • After you selected the plan you want, you will be taken to the Billing section where you need to enter your billing address via Add new address, or if you have done that before, select the address from your address list. Click Submit.
  • Then you will see the Payment page where you need to fill in your card details. After you click Pay, you will see a thank you page that will confirm that the upgrade has been completed.

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