How to verify your website in Google Search Console

Along with Google Analytics, one of the most important instruments for analyzing the performance of a website is Google’s Search Console. In order to use it, you need to create a free account in Search Console and verify that you are the owner of the website.

To learn how to create an account with Search Console, read the information in the Search Console Support Centre.

In order to verify that you are the owner of the respective website, do the following:

  1. Log in to your Oxxy account.
  2. Go to the Page Settings panel of your homepage.
  3. Go to SEO Settings.
  4. Paste the HTML meta tag from Search Console in the Meta Tags input.
  5. Click Verify in Search Console

Every Oxxy website comes with a dynamically generated sitemap. This means that every time you add a new page to your website or delete an existing one, this change is automatically applied to your sitemap as well. The sitemap can be accessed by adding sitemap.xml at the end of the URL. For example, if your website is on, the sitemap can be accessed on

You can directly submit your sitemap to Search Console in order to make it faster and easier for Google to index your website. To learn how to submit your sitemap, follow these instructions in the Search Console Support Center.

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