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Natalie Abildina

We have been using Oxxy platform for almost 2 years. In the dynamic and digital reality we are living the online presence is extremely important, especially for us, an international event organization. Our website is our business card. We highly value Oxxy services. All the problems are resolved very fast. They have an online customer service as well. We wish Oxxy a lot of success!

Natalie Abildina - Green Fashion Days
Plamen Nikolov

I am a person with disabilities, having an online business. Oxxy platform gave me such a great opportunity for personal realization. For so long, I was searching a suitable solution to build an online store but most of the offers I found were too expensive for me. One day I came up on an Oxxy ad on Facebook but reading some of the sceptical comments about how it is impossible to exist such a good value for money solution, I decided that it wasn’t worth it to try it. However, the day after, I decided to visit their website and searched for more information about Oxxy. Their platform seemed to me so easy to use especially for guy like me who doesn’t have any specific knowledge. I also found on Google an Oxxy video lesson how to build a website and an online shop. After watching it, I decided... to try it by my self and started to follow the video step by step instructions. Moreover, I subscribed to receive further other video lessons from Oxxy and their weekly advices as well, which are very useful and till now help me a lot in my work. Thus step by step I built my online shop. Every time I had some difficulty working with the platform, I was asking to Oxxy. They were ready to help me. When the moment to publish my website online came, Oxxy offered me a free one hour Skype consultation. During it I received many advices how to make my online shop better. I accomplished every thing I heard and the final result was excellent. I can’t say that my website is perfect but the important thing is that I succeeded to make it all by my own thanks to Oxxy platform. Now I have more online sales and I would like to thank all Oxxy team for the opportunity they gave me. Last but not least, I would like to mention the Oxxy Freelance program which gives the possibility to generate additional revenue. I wish Oxxy a lot of success!

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Plamen Nikolov - ET DESIGN
Viara Tzvetkova

I am very satisfied with Oxxy platform. It is so easy to use it! I have just chosen a design from their Gallery and started to build my website by changing only some of the colors, styles and palettes in order to achieve the desired result and get the website personalized for my business. It was easy to control the font size and the image position. To publish the website online, it was necessary only to press the publish button. The visual editor is user-friendly. Moreover, by buying an annual plan subscription, I received also a free domain. I am very satisfied with the customer support chat service, as well.

Viara Tzvetkova - "Koalizia za Bulgaria"
Lotta Halvarsson

Oxxy is a revolution for small businesses without big financial resources. We designed our website and an online store all by ourselves, without the help from experts that have helped us in the past. And at an incredibly low cost! No initial fee and under 100 SEK per month. Thanks a lot Oxxy!

Lotta Halvarsson - Ilovemymuff
Sergey Penov

I don’t have experience in the web design, this is why I was looking for exactly such a solution to build and develop my website. My impressions till now are that it is a very useful platform. Thanks to Oxxy, I succeeded to develop some old but not realized ideas. There are also very useful video lessons. However, the website can’t be built in a minute, there are needed enthusiasm, work and learning in order to create correctly all details. I said that I have build it by my self but it isn’t exactly like that. The Oxxy team is always ready to help you and answer your questions. My sensation, nevertheless I am their client, is that we were working in a team. I am going to formulate it like this: “We are helping each other.” This is not a commercial slogan but the reality. Congratulations, ... this is the way to make a successful business. These are my first steps in the web design. This is why I am going to name my project “the little horse”. I wish him to wave through the net and grow freely.

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Sergey Penov - Dental world
Pavlin Shishkov

It is a pleasure for us to work together with Oxxy, we are satisfied with the platform. It is very user-friendly and easy to use. There are all the necessary functionalities to build a website.

Pavlin Shishkov - Crystal Water
Angelina Todorova

We succeeded to build our corporate website all by our selves thanks to Oxxy platform. This opportunity enabled us to be more creative in the realization of our ideas. Oxxy team is very kind and well prepared which made our communication easier and finally convinced us to chose this solution. We recommend it!

Angelina Todorova - ENS ENGINEERING ООD
Anelia Daoud

My story started two years ago when I founded my own company in Viena. Trying to build a corporate website, I found finally Oxxy after some unsuccessful experiences with other companies. The most important thing for me is when a problem comes up to resolve it which can be done only when there is a two-way communication between the customer and the service provider. After I entered in contact with Oxxy, they provided me all the necessary information I needed to build my website. This way they won me as a customer. They were always ready to help me for every difficulty I had and they answered to each question no matter day or night. It was really my pleasure to recommend Oxxy to my friends who became also customers. Thank you for your support!

Anelia Daoud - DAUD Architechture&Design
Viktoria Boycheva

I would like to share how Oxxy platform helped me to promote my hobby, i.e. my activities related to healthy products usage. The extremely original and easy to adapt designs without any the need of technical skills are the key to my well looking website. The most difficult thing to me was to choose a design template because Oxxy has a very rich gallery with various templates. However, thanks to the free trial version, I succeeded to find the most suitable one for me. I like the option to add links and visualize social media profiles. I am so satisfied by the functionalities the platform offers and every time I have a question, I receive a very fast answer by Oxxy team. They are always ready to help. It is certain that I will keep using Oxxy platform also in the future.

Viktoria Boycheva - Еdmarkable
Damyan Hristov

Oxxy is a great website for new developers and doesn’t require any programming capabilities. What is needed is design ideas. The platform is really outstanding, very intuitive and there is in no usage of any programming code. Congratulations to its founders, they really made a great job. The prices are also very attractive for the premium plans.

Damyan Hristov - D&D Arkhosia
Philip Ivanov

I am extremely satisfied with Oxxy.com, it was really very easy to create my website. Oxxy customer support helped me a lot. I highly recommend the platform for each field of activity, business or hobby.

Philip Ivanov - PROFI ART windows
Kostadin Danov

It is a real pleasure to work with the Oxxy platform. I started my idea as a joke until I saw the opportunities they offer and the diversity of options they have. Seeing how well it works out without even having any knowledge, I can hardly wait for the time to log in and work on my site. Of course, I also had difficulties, but whenever I had them, I contacted to Facebook for online support, which they resolved it within minutes. All this, even without a paid plan. They are great!

Kostadin Danov - Be Safe

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