Google+ badge


To edit a Google+ badge:

  • To open Settings, please select the first icon from the element's menu.: Settings icon
  • Google+ user – you can paste here the URL of the Google+ profile you want to display.
  • Features – choose between Badge or Icon to set the layout of the badge

If selected Badge, the features are:

  • Layout – choose between Portrait or Landscape to set the orientation of your badge.
  • Width – this feature defines the pixel width of your badge to render - for portrait the minimum width of 180px and the maximum is 450px are valid. For landscape layout – 273 – 450px. For lower or higher values than these, the width will be automatically resized.
  • Color theme – choose between Light and Dark color theme for your badge. You can use Dark when placing the element on a page with a dark background and vise versa.
  • Cover photo – you can enable or disable the cover photo that displays in the badge.
  • Tagline – you can enable or disable the user's tag line that displays in the badge.

If selected Icon, the features are:

  • Icon size - customize your Google+ icon to either small, medium or large box size.
  • Custom name – write the name of your Google+ profile next to the icon.

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