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7 top-paid home based business opportunities for 2015

Home based business opportunities started being more and more attractive as the demand for specialized freelance work increased high up on global scale. In 2013 Forbes announced that more than 540,000 new businesses get started monthly

8 Tips For Writing an Awesome About us Page Content

One of the most essential website elements is the About us page. That is one of the first places your visitors will go when they find your website. And that is one of best

12 Great Small Business Tools Every Entrepreneur Needs To Get Familiar With

Being a small business owner nowadays involves having a lot of skills. As your team is small in the beginning you will need to incorporate many functions – you will most likely act as

How to apply the KISS principle to your startup?

“If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself.” Albert Einstein The KISS principle simply refers to keep it simple stupid. In marketing it applies when you try

10 Effective Time Management Strategies When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed

Everyone of us has felt overwhelmed at a certain point of our life. Tasks just keep coming and there seems to be no time for a rest. Another thing becoming very popular these days