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What Type of a Business Owner Are You? A Boss or a Leader (Infographic)

There is a famous believe in the business world that a boss is someone who just gives orders to the employees without taking part in the work process and the leader is the one

5 Questions to Ask Before Choosing the Best Home Based Business Idea

Home based business grew rapidly in the last few years and it gets more and more profitable for the entrepreneurs who choose the right at-home business idea. There are plenty of home based business

Should Your Startup Rent An Office Or Not?

Almost every startup faces this question in the beginning: “Should we rent an office or not?” Then there comes the question “What kind of an office do we need?” The answer depends mainly on

Failure vs. Success: How to start and run a startup without ruining it

You will most certainly agree that creating a startup is hard work. Running it is even tougher. Many entrepreneurs that are now successful have once failed with their previous attempts. Want a few examples?

Will Your Business Die Without Social Media?

Not once have we spoken about the benefits for your business of being on social media. It is probably the easiest and cheapest way to promote your website and your products and services. But