8 Tips For Writing an Awesome About us Page Content

One of the most essential website elements is the About us page. That is one of the first places your visitors will go when they find your website. And that is one of best ways to keep their attention and make them really check what you offer.

Unfortunately, many people undervalue the About us page content and make a huge mistake. Websites without an About us page or with a poorly written one do not seem very trustworthy and most users will leave them right away.

If you are also among those people not paying enough attention to the About us page, it is high time fixing that.

The first aspect you need to understand is what the purpose of that section of your website is. Obviously, it gives your visitors information about what you do and how you do it. But simply introducing yourself or your company is not enough. You also need to clear out why you are unique and what differentiates you from the many others. That means that the About us page is one of the places on your site where you can brag a little bit about yourself and your qualities.

Another important purpose of the About us section is that it should give your visitors an idea of what your values are. By stating what you find important and what the way you work is, you will definitely appear more trustworthy in the eyes of your visitors.

By now, you must have understood that the About us page matters for at least one very important reason – it helps customers and clients decide whether to work with you or now.

And how can you make your About us section work for you in the most suitable way?

Tell your story

When preparing the copy of your page, you need to include not only information about who you are and what you do, but also about who you were and how you started with what you are currently doing.

Make sure to include your previous achievements, such as awards, participations in conferences, courses, trainings, causes you support, associations you participate in or whatever else you thinks is appropriate. You can also tell your visitors how you came up with the idea of your business or your website and how things changed for you with time.

That way you will fulfill people’s desire to know more. Telling more about your story will also show your visitors that you are proud of who you are and you do not have anything to hide.

Tell what your ideas are

Talking about your past, your achievement and experience is not enough. To build even more trust among your visitors, you also need to tell them a word or two about what your ideas and visions for the future are.

Start by telling in what direction your future plans are and what you expect to be doing in the next months or even years. A good idea is to also include what your goals for the future are and what you dream of achieving one day.

By including such information in your About us page you show your visitors that you are serious and passionate about what you do and you want to be as successful as possible.

Show a human face

If you are building a corporate website, make sure that the copy you include is not written in a boring corporate style. Try to be funny and intriguing so that your visitors will instantly like you and want to know more about you. Another good idea is to avoid your industry jargon that will leave your visitors without any understanding about what you are talking about.

By making your About us page as interesting as possible, you make sure that people will actually read it and not immediately leave.

A great way to humanize your About us page is by introducing yourself with a story. Most people start off by saying “I am X and I do Y”. If you are creative enough, you can skip all that and just include a story about yourself or your company that will show your visitors who you really are.

Talk with visuals

People tend to believe in what they see more than in what they hear or read. For example, instead of writing a whole paragraph about your corporate culture, just show some images of your office, your employees or of yourself, if it is a personal website.

Another good idea is to share some picture from corporate events or if you find a way to fit everything, even personal photos of your team.

That will show your visitors that you are not a boring corporation without a human face and personality, but people just like them.

Be descriptive, but not boring

This one is true for all other tips, in fact. The information you put on your About us page must be written in an interesting manner. Be as descriptive as possible and share as much information as possible. One thing people do not like is when someone is not telling them the whole story. Do not make that mistake.

But be aware of another huge mistake you can do – to bore your visitors. Using too many words and too many sentences to explain something simple will be boring for your visitors and many of them will certainly leave your website.

Include testimonials

One thing your About us page should tell your visitors is what you are good at. One way to go for it is to write something like “Our company excels in doing this and that and we are the best”. You will see that on many corporate website and it is not wrong, but does that mean it is the best option?

In fact, no.

Way better is to tell your visitors about your strengths by including testimonials from customers. Just check how better it sounds when we put something like “Company X is the best in this and that. They are great and I would recommend them to all my clients and partners” – “Name of an authoritative member of your industry”.

The reason why including testimonials is a good idea is that people like recommendations from trustworthy sources and are often influenced by other people’s opinion.

Talk about benefits and not products and services

That is a general rule in marketing. Many people include a lot of information about what they offer and what their product or service can do. But not many are wise enough to explain how potential customers could benefit from that product or service.

People do not care much about the specifications and complexity of products. Often our decisions to buy something are based on the assumption that we can benefit from it.

Tell your customers how what you offer could be useful for them and do not brag too much about what it can do.

Incorporate social media

With the boom of social media in the recent years, it is a good idea to also include your profiles there in your About us page. Your social media accounts are one significant part of your brand’s face. What you post in various platforms, what information you share there and how you interact with your community shows a lot about who you are. That is why you should include your social media profiles in the About us section.

You can also include social sharing buttons and let your visitors spread the word about you. That way your story will reach not only the people who visit your website, but also their friends or followers. Social media are a huge advertising platform and you should not miss any opportunities to promote yourself there.

To sum it up, you need to understand that the About us section of your website is one of the most important parts of your digital presence. When planning your content, make sure that the copy there is awesome. Then you will definitely see the benefits of a great About us page – more traffic, more returning visitors and more conversions.

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