7 top-paid home based business opportunities for 2015

Home based business opportunities started being more and more attractive as the demand for specialized freelance work increased high up on global scale. In 2013 Forbes announced that more than 540,000 new businesses get started monthly in USA, and more than 50% of all small businesses are at-home businesses.

The consumer sector in the home based businesses is the dominant one and includes real estate, restaurants and hotels, but also ecommerce. According to another study its sources of labor are part time workers, volunteers, family members and outsourcing. The interesting part is that 75% of the entrepreneurs stated that actually they have employees and they are not running solo.

Here are 7 of the top-paid home based business opportunities.

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Home-based physician

home based business opportunities

“Telehealth” is the new wave in home based business opportunities. Solo career as a home based physician can be profitable especially if you set your own commercial medical office. The interest in telehealth medical services grew rapidly in the last few years and the predications for the next years are even higher.

Web software solutions such as videoconferencing play an essential role for the physician-patient relations especially for patients with chronic diseases who need permanent medical control. Telehealth is available 168 h/week in contrast to the approx. 35 h./week of the doctors’ offices.

IT support

home based business opportunities

Home based tech specialists are one of the most hired on the market. No matter if you’re good in tech consulting, tech writing, hosting, web design or technical support, you can be sure that there is a web company looking for your skills. There is also a high demand for web developers and system administers.

Medical transcriptionists

home based business opportunities


At-home medical transcriptionist means that you should be able to transcribe properly and write documents while listening to audio made by medical professionals. If you don’t have the license you can apply for a training program which usually takes few months (about 4 months). According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics the monthly salary of a medical transcriptionist is about $2500.

Registered nurse (RN)

home based business opportunities

New technology gave the opportunity to many qualified nurses to practice their profession at home or earn extra money. Giving advices to patients on the phone and offering consultative services on the web often amounts between $25 and $32 per hour.


home based business opportunities

According to the research the demand for qualified social media writers, SEO writers, and content marketing strategists will grow. The demand for unique online content had gone crazy as each business needs well written content to boost its web ranking in the search engines. One of the options is doing editing and copywriting, but the other one is one for the creative brains – writing unique articles. If you have a blog and write some really good and appealing content in a few months the money will start knocking on the door.


home based business opportunities

Virtual learning is in high demand these days and multimedia software makes the process easier.  New technology is not a must though, but it allows you to record video classes, post lessons or practice live teaching. You can decide whether you want to teach a group of kids or one-by-one for your online course.


home based business opportunities

Home based business opportunities also include translating which is not a surprise, having in mind that everything a translator needs is a computer, access to the web and his language skills, of course. This position is usually ranked among the first three top places in the best home jobs charts.

Starting a home based business idea means independence, motivated entrepreneurial spirit, and self-determination. If you want to be the boss of yourself and take advantage with a home based business plan you need to be disciplined, motivated and follow your step-by-step home based business plan.