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New Marketing Introduces Growth Hacking

A new kind of marketing, a new way of thinking, growth hacking is here and it is introducing a radical definition of something that is not even new in the traditional marketing repertoire. What

9 Facts About Motivating Employees Everyone Thinks are True

Motivating all your employees is essential for every enterprise. Working with a team of demotivated people could do your business a lot of harm. It’s managers’ and team leaders’ duty to keep the staff

The Best Advice a Start-up Could Ever get

Explore what you want to do before committing. It is difficult to imagine why anyone would start a company before deciding what they want to do. It is a common psychology that people want

Home Based Business Opportunities You Can Realize Using Oxxy

As we have said before, home based business is a very popular thing nowadays. With the growing popularity of technology and various online tools you can easily set up a business and manage it

How to get what you came for at a networking event

Don’t be afraid. Most people feel uncomfortable walking in a room full of strangers. It can truly scare you but just breathe. Practice and preparation will help you develop the skills necessary to work