10 Effective Time Management Strategies When You Are Feeling Overwhelmed

Everyone of us has felt overwhelmed at a certain point of our life. Tasks just keep coming and there seems to be no time for a rest. Another thing becoming very popular these days is the so called “professional burnout”. Stress at work becomes so hard and so obsessive sometimes that we end up feeling depressed and unable to conduct our duties. According to Mayo Clinic job burnout is described as combination of exhaustion and feelings of doubt about the importance of your job and your competences. The bigger problem – it leads to health problems.

And that is when we need to consider some time management strategies to help us achieve better work-life balance. We have made a list of some of the best tips and tricks that will let you manage your time better and achieve proper prioritizing between career and pleasure.

Let it out

time management strategies

When panic is clogging your brain, learn the right way to let it all out and restore your sense of realism. If all you need is to take the pressure off for a short period of time, then the key is to give visibility to the overwhelming feeling so you can maintain control. When entrepreneurs feel frustrated, they have nothing done, so when you can’t sort out the mountains of work that look impossible, take a deep breath, scream out aloud if you need and become ruthless towards your priorities.

Learn to say “No”

learn to say no

Overcommitting is often something that rises the likelihood of slowing you down at several fronts. Learn to say no and be honest with yourself when you do not have time to take extra requests. Another alternative would be to delegate to others anything that will be a distraction from what is most important.

Make a strict plan for the week

time to plan

Planning and organization skills are essential, especially in the entrepreneurial busy schedule. It will only make your life easier and manageable, so it is something necessary to think about at the end of the day. If you give structure to the things, they are one step closer to being achieved, plus crossing them off brings this sense of accomplishment.

Stop taking more than you can handle

do not take more than you can handle

If you cannot fit it in, then do not try. Realize that overworking does not make you a bigger or more valued person- be clear about what you can realistically finish off to avoid being disappointed.

Lose the tasks that do not help you achieve your main goals

focus on the main

We often fall for things that we consider important for our final goal but in reality they turn out to be such a time waste. Eliminate the unnecessary activities and plan the steps to achieving your ambitions effectively.

Delegate the work you consider is time wasting

save your time

Attack the top priorities yourself and leave the rest of the work to others. This will be a tremendous advantage as it will spare your time and ease the overwhelming feelings.

Do not try to multitask, definitely not when the tasks are important

no multitasking with important things

Some people have the tendency to do all the tasks at the same time when they think they are running out of time or when they consider them too important to wait. Doing your priorities one by one will allow you to focus more and stay creative in the zone.

Make a “Don’t do” list

dos and donts

Starting a list of do not dos along with to-dos is a remedy against keeping bad habits. It gives you accuracy and often eliminates the chance of making excuses.

Be spontaneous

be spontaneous

Catching up with friends can help – finding something to do every week that is close to your soul is a key to reducing stress and restoring a healthy balance. Plan your personal time, such as having a dinner with friends or watching the Superbowl – thus relaxation will kick in and make you feel motivated again.

Take part in an exercise, sport or romantic time

exercise romantic activity

Practicing sports is proven scientifically to increase the energy flow in human body and make you more resistant to stress. Taking part in regular exercise can be mentioned last but definitely is not least.