6 Ways to Make your Visitors Love your Website

Your website is all about attracting more visitors. And if these visitors like, or even love your website, they will not only stay more and visit it more often, but they will also most probably recommend it to their friends.

All this means that when you are building your website, you need to consider how to make people love it. There isn’t a single formula to do that. Some sites attract visitors because they have stunning designs. Others look outdated but they are so unique that they just don’t need a modern design to make people fall in love with them.

However, there are several common characteristics of websites that attract lots of traffic. Here is what we suggest you do.

Make it mobile-friendly

A big chunk of the internet traffic today comes from mobile devices. This trend is going to become even bigger in the next few years. For many people smartphones are the primary if not the only access point to internet which means that they associate a website with its mobile version rather than its desktop one.

And how are they supposed to fall in love and recommend a website that looks terrible on a mobile device? Not a single chance.

Make them feel unique

A lot of IT professionals say that there are so many websites nowadays that only those that are unique can stand out. We would like to add something to that by saying that only those that make their visitors feel unique can stand out.

The secret behind making your visitors feel unique is personalized as many things as possible. People don’t like generic things. They prefer personalized experience. If you send newsletters, make them as personalized as possible. If you send free gifts, make them personalized too. Learn as much as possible about your customers and make that information work for you.

Make it simple

Don’t underestimate the power of simplicity. When it comes to user experience, simplicity is often a great advantage. Sometimes when we build a website, we want to include as much elements and functionalities as possible. Then we end up in a situation that it takes too much time for people to find what they are looking for.

Make things as simple as possible. After all, the minimalistic approach is a big trend for a reason.

Make them feel you are useful

Most marketing experts will say that you need to produce useful and unique content in order to attract more traffic and engage your visitors. In our opinion, being unique these days is very hard, but at least you need to do everything to make your visitors feel that you are such.

Of course, this doesn’t mean to just pretend being useful and unique. Just don’t be like the others. Do things differently. Don’t copy other people’s design. Integrate your own ideas in it. People will appreciate that.

Redesign, but not too often

Making changes is a good thing. Redesigning your website can do wonders for your traffic. If you feel that things are not going well perhaps the problems comes from your design. Giving a fresh look to your site indicates that you are still present, evolving and you care about your visitors’ experience.

However, if you redesign your site too often, let’s say more than once every two years, this will show a bit of inconsistency. Imagine how you feel every time you change your smartphone or update your operating system. It takes a few days to get used to the new look and feel. It’s the same with your website. If you change your design too often, people will give up getting used to it again and again.

Have the right design

Having an expertise in web design means not only to be able to create beautiful websites, but to also make them user friendly. Not every type of design is suitable for every type of website. For example, long scrolling websites are a good fit for sites that will be primary viewed on mobile devices, as well as sites with user-generated content (such as Facebook and Twitter) and landing pages. In the same time, sites with multiple pages are usually used by companies.

The bottom line:

Making your visitors fall in love with your website, means that you have totally win the game for yourself. If people are willing to share your site and recommend it to their friends, you have succeed to create a community around your brand that is way more effective than any marketing budget.

To sum it, we can say that this goes way beyond bounce rate, time spent on site and other metrics. A hundred people that will spread the word about your site are more than thousands of visitors that will come and never return.

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