How to make an outstanding design for your website

Oxxy website builder

Oxxy platform allows you to build an outstanding website design for your website, satisfying totally your expectations to best presenting your products and services. There are many available functionalities which allow you to customize every website element and make you look as you wish.

The main question is how you cаn make a professional design when you don’t have previous experience in web design? All you need to do is to follow the next three steps.

Find a website design you like and want to make a similar one

It is very important to have a clear idea about how you want to look your web design. If you don’t have an initial concept, it will be difficult for you to build it from scratch. In this relation, we recommend you to make а small research of different websites from different niches and select both the designs you like and the designs which contain separate elements you wish to include in your website. These elements could be, for instance, the visualization of contacts, call-to-action buttons, promotional visuals etc.

After you gather enough ideas, you can summarize the final concept and realize it thanks to Oxxy platform.

Many other platforms don’t give a lot of freedom in terms of functionalities to customize the website you build. There is a specific framework that you need to respect and it is difficult to get a fully customized design. However, Oxxy allows you to realize even your most brave ideas.

Start from a ready to use template

The ready to use Oxxy templates are created to help you building your website providing you the base from which you can start developing your project. Choose one of them, primarily as a structure, which corresponds as much as possible to your main concept. Structure means how the content is distributed on the different pages. For example, if there are preview areas on the Home page forwarding to internal pages, or blog articles preview, etc.

When you choose the best structure for your website, changing colors, fonts or elements will be easy in the future. Using a ready to use design will save you a lot of time when building your project.

Test the design

When the design is ready, it is very important to show your newly created website to your family and friends getting their feedback. This information will be very helpful because every design with its colors, structure, elements has a specific impact and you need to be sure that the final user perception is what you are looking for as an effect. On the other hand, you need feedback about how effective is the navigation and how easy is for users to find specific information.

Very often the people who build a website are so used with their concept considering that it will be clear for everyone but in reality, it is not the truth.

If you follow these three simple steps, we promise you that the final result will be more than satisfying. In the three described cases you step on ready resources – external websites, ready-to-use, and friends’ help. You need only to have a strategy and a clear vision about your website which will help you to create an outstanding presentation of your product and services.