How to build a website for my restaurant

Have you already built a website for your restaurant with a reservation form on it? If you didn’t do it yet and search for a valid solution you can use both Oxxy website builder and our partner platform Reservation.Tools. Reservation.Tools is a Reservation and Customer Relation Management Tool (

Oxxy allows you to build in an easy way your restaurant website without having special technical skills. And Reservation.Tools system gives you the possibility to manage all your reservations which come from your website, Facebook page or by phone. In addition, the system allows you to create a data base gathering all your customers’ information related to their reservations and contacts. This option helps you to develop and enhance the customer relationship.

How to build a website with Oxxy

The online platform has an intuitive interface and offers “drag&drop” functionalities, which means you can move and edit the different elements on your website (texts, pictures, forms etc) being also able to see how the website looks like in every moment.

In order to start easily, you can use our ready and free to use website templates by including directly your content and photos. For those who want to personalize their website, Oxxy offers a wide range of functionalities allowing to change colors, forms, elements etc.

Before starting at Oxxy platform, you need to clarify for yourself what will be the structure of the website, how many pages and content they will include. We recommend you describe on a paper the main structure – sections, subsections etc. In addition, it will be very helpful if you can search for other venue websites online to get some ideas and see how they are designed and structured. One of the most important things on the website is the Home page. You need to have a clear idea what content you want to publish on it. In general, this is the first page that users see. So, the impact it will have on them will define if they will continue to navigate on the website or not. You want to publish attractive pictures, stunning offers and information in order to get the attention of the online visitors.

Also, the quality of the pictures is significant for a restaurant website considering the type of the business activity. The photographs should stimulate the customers’ imagination and create the desire to taste your menu and visit your restaurant. In this regard, it is better to hire a professional photographer to make a shooting session at your place.

In order to make it easier for you to build your website with Oxxy, we have prepared a video tutorial to show the different steps to go through demonstrating the various functionalities of the platform.

3 easy steps to integrate a reservation form on your restaurant website

The reservation form can be integrated easily on each page of your website. It should be linked to your account at Reservation.Tools platform in order to register all reservation requests directly to your venue booking system. So, you have first to make a profile of the venue here (Use the “Try now” button) and then follow the steps described below:

Step 1: Get an embedding code

Take the integration code from your Reservation.Tools account and insert it on the respective website page at Oxxy. First, when you enter in your account, you have to open Administration/Settings/Venues, then click on the Embed button against the respective venue.

On the next page, you need to click on the “Get embedded code” button and copy the code you will see to appear.

Step 2: Usе the HTML widget at Oxxy platform

Go to the website you are about to build at Oxxy platform choosing the page on which you want to integrate the reservation form. Click on the “Button” button in the central menu with elements, then choose “Html” option.

Step 3: Insert the embedding code at your website page

There will appear a window with the sign “Place your html here”. Click on the wheel icon to open the Settings. You will see a black window at left with a html code in it. Replace the code with the one you took from your Reservation.Tools account. Then click on OK button below.

After that action, the form will appear on the page and it will looks like that:

With Oxxy website builder and Reservation.Tools booking app you have all you need to build a stunning restaurant website and manage reservations.

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