Home Based Business Opportunities You Can Realize Using Oxxy

As we have said before, home based business is a very popular thing nowadays. With the growing popularity of technology and various online tools you can easily set up a business and manage it from home.

One such tool is Oxxy. With our website builder you take your online presence one step further and create solid grounds for your home based business. To give you even more inspiration, we have created a list of fresh home based business opportunities and in each of them we have included tips on how Oxxy can help you.

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Freelance job

home based business

If you are a talented web developer, web designer or copywriter, you can start working as a freelancer. There are lots of benefits in such job – you don’t have a boss, you work as much as you want without any fixed working hours. Of course, there are plenty of hard things you will need to go through. You will need solid connections and time spent in order to find clients. And you will not have any fixed income.

How can Oxxy help you? When you start working as a freelancer, it is essential to make a portfolio of your previous work to show to potential customers. Oxxy is the perfect way to do that, especially if you don’t have any coding skills. For example, you can check our Artfolio template which is perfect for your personal portfolio.

Business Planning

business planning

This is a good opportunity for people with experience in business developing, finances or accounting. If your are good at it, you can launch your home based business and earn a lot by consulting companies and preparing their business plans, financial statements, etc.

How can Oxxy help you? Like every other business, you will need to impress your clients first. If you are going to work as a freelance business consultant, you will need to show samples of your work. Creating a website with Oxxy a good way to do that. You can upload all needed documents and include important information about you and the services you provide. The best things is that you can do all this by yourself and the way you want.

SEO Services

Search engine optimization

If you are into search engine optimization, you can set up your own business and help clients get to the top of search engines’ rankings. SEO could be an extremely profitable business. According to this study by LinkedIn SEO is among the top skills that got people hired in 2014. But if you are good enough, why not do it on your own?

How can Oxxy help you? Just like in the freelance business, you will need a portfolio to show your previous work and demonstrate your skills. You can do that just in minutes with Oxxy.

(Tip: Include galleries with pictures from the websites on which you have worked. This will make the information more appealing to your potential customers.)

Personal Training

personal training

If your a fitness enthusiast you can earn a good amount of money by helping other people stay fit. You can offer fitness advice and consulting on diets and healthy living. Healthy living is becoming a big trend in the recent year and if you find a way to present yourself good, you will surely find a lot of customers willing to pay for your advice.

How can Oxxy help you? It’s a good idea to have your personal website as people prefer making informative decisions. You can include videos where you show sample exercises as well as reviews from your previous clients. Make sure to include comprehensive information about the services you provide and their prices.

Used Books Selling

books selling

Your home is full of old books? Instead of throwing them away you can earn some cash by selling them. People love reading and love bargains, so if your books are in a good condition you can easily clean up some space that way.

How can Oxxy help you? In order to sell your books, you will need to make them look more appealing. Make a website with images and more information about your books and leave contact details. You can even sell your books through your website, which will definitely save you time.

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