9 Facts About Motivating Employees Everyone Thinks are True

Motivating all your employees is essential for every enterprise. Working with a team of demotivated people could do your business a lot of harm. It’s managers’ and team leaders’ duty to keep the staff willing to work. If you’ve ended up with a team full of demotivation and without any spirit, take a look at the tips below on how to motivate your employees.

Raising the salary is not enough

Many people think that raising someone’s salary will make them happy. But there is so much more than salary that defines our hapiness at the work place. Money could make us motivated to a certain extend, but managers and team leadres need to find out that in many occasions the problem hides somewhere else.

Keep your team excited and interested

The only way you can be sure that your employees are motivated is to see them coming to work every day with a smile. Every leader should find a way to keep team members excited and interested in what they do. A good idea to achieve that is to support curiosity among employees and to establish friendly competition among them.
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Listen to everybody

Listening to your employees’ needs is what’s called “being available”. CEOs and managers are always very busy and their schedule tends to make them unreachable for their employees. But a great leader would always find a little time to talk to the team members.

Keep a friendly atmosphere

Establishing a good working environment will surely motivate your employees. Recognizing your collegues as friends could make work much more pleasent and could reduce dissatisfaction among employees. Of course, creating a friendly atmosphere doesnt’t mean being best friends with all team members, but a nice small talk every now and than could only bring positives.

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Be a true leader

Being a true leader means taking responsibility. You can’t expect your employees to feel motivated, if their leader leaves important decisions to others and hides behind subordinates’ backs. Moreover, being a true leader means serving as an example to your employees. It can do no harm, if your employees secretly want to be like you.

Start a tradition

Traditions in the office always make people happier. It could be any kind of tradition, like “Casual Friday”, going to the club every first Monday of the month or playing some kind of sport in the weekend. Just be innovative and find something that your employees will be looking forward to.

Acknowledge your employees achievments

There aren’t many worse things than feeling unapprecieted at work. Just think of it. You put great effort into every task, but then it’s like nobody notices. To keep your employees motivated, show them you apprecie their work and make them know that even the smallest steps are important as they bring you closer to your goal.

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Support their development as professionals

Nobody feels motivated when they know they have no chances to move up the corporate ladder or gain some extra expertise. A good leader would support employees’ professional development and would make it clear that if they show they are worth it, they could get promotion.

Set realistic goals

Setting realistic goals helps motivting team members as giving them tasks that are out of their expertise will only make them feel stressed. Another important thing is to be careful with deadlines. If you give you employees too little time to finish a task, all the stress could demotivate them. On the other hand, giving them too much time, would make them less focused and less willing to work.