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Biggest Myths About Creating a Website

If you are not into web design and web development, it is totally normal that you have some false assumptions about website building. That is why we decided to dedicate some time and bust

How To Create Engaging Content For Your Customers

According to Ron Cates, (constant contact’s director of Digital Marketing Education), a recent study found that 74 percent of small businesses plan on increasing the amount of content they produce this year. It is

The Begginer’s Guide To Promoting a Website

Having already created your new website, you will now need to promote it. Visitors will not come without some effort from your side. We can even say that creating your website is the easiest

Essential Website Elements: How Not To Miss a Single Thing

One of the most important things to consider when creating your website is what features you need to include. Although you can put or not put everything you wish, there are certain essential elements

16 Good Reasons To Have Your Own Website

Technology nowadays is much different than what it used to be. That is why, although you still may think otherwise, there are plenty of solid reasons to have your own website. Since the creation