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How To Properly Use Video Content On Your Website (And Why It Matters)

One of the most popular ways to attract new clients these days is by including video in your marketing strategy. The benefits of it are really big and if you still don’t use this

5 Key Elements Every Website Homepage Needs

I am sure you will agree that by far the most important page of your website is the homepage. Usually, that is the first place where your visitors land and if it sucks, nobody

How to Impress Your Clients With Your Website

As a business owner one of your primary goals is to impress your clients, make them more loyal and willing to spread the word about you. In the online world the best way to do

A Timeline of All Domain Name Extensions (Infographic)

A while ago we guided you through the most important aspects of picking a domain name for your website. We even published a step-by-step guide for the purpose. But what about the history of

6 Rock Solid Reasons To Redesign Your Website

No matter how good your website is, at a certain point you will need a change. There are plenty of reasons to think of a redesign, but almost all of them have something in