Biggest Myths About Creating a Website

If you are not into web design and web development, it is totally normal that you have some false assumptions about website building. That is why we decided to dedicate some time and bust some of the most common myths about creating a website. We hope that after reading our article you will see that is easy, fast, cost-effective and reliable.

Myth 1: “I need to hire a specialist to create it”

Biggest Myths About Creating a Website

Many people think that they are totally incapable of creating a website themselves. The truth is that with the advance of web technology things are way easier. Take for example Oxxy Website Builder. With our platform you can create a great website all by yourself – you decide how it will look like, what elements it will include and how you will share the information.

In the past, if you wanted to create a website all alone, you needed at least basic programming skills. Now you do not need that at all. With Oxxy you create your site with only drag and drop and no coding skills at all.

To sum it up, the assumption that you need an expert to create a website for you does not apply to today’s reality. Web technologies have advanced so much that you are now able to create more than enough just by yourself.

Myth 2: “Even if I try to do it on my own, it’s time consuming”

Biggest Myths About Creating a Website

Now you may think that even if you are able to create a website all alone, you will need to spend days and weeks doing it. That may be true in certain situations, but not necessarily, for sure. Website building platforms such as Oxxy enable users to do amazing things in just minutes.

No matter if you start your website from scratch or you use a ready template, everything happens very fast. You arrange and style your pages with just a few quick clicks. And to save you even more time and trouble we have created a fully comprehensive Help & Support Center where you can find all relevant information about Oxxy Website Builder.

Myth 3: “It’s expensive”

Biggest Myths About Creating a Website

Another big myth about creating a website is that it is expensive. But in fact it really depends on what kind of an option you go for. If you decide to hire an agency or at least a freelancer to do the job, you may end up paying big. If you go for a cost-effective solution like a site builder, you will definitely not be disappointed.

At Oxxy monthly prices for our premium packages are between $4.71 and $14.71. For that money you get the opportunity to build easily a good website with just a little effort from your side. In the same time big agencies will charge you thousands of dollars for a website.

Now you see why site builders are the most cost-effective option for creating a personal or corporate website.

Myth 4: “I need to pay an expert every time I want to edit something”

Biggest Myths About Creating a Website

Another myth that is totally not true. When you make your website through a site building platform you can edit it all alone in the same way as you have created it.

From adding new elements or replacing existing ones to creating new pages, everything depends on you. The times when you needed to pay for editing your website or for support are long gone.

Myth 5: “I need a lot of money for SEO”

Biggest Myths About Creating a Website

Yes, SEO is an expensive service, but that does not mean that you cannot succeed on your own. You just need to follow some general rules and a lot quality content that will make your visitors share it and spread the word. If you are an Oxxy users, you have already noticed that we provide the ability to configure all necessary SEO settings in order to see your website higher in the search engines.

Having in mind all that, you now should see that creating a website all by yourself is not as expensive as it once was. That means nothing can stop you to create the perfect online presence for you.

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