9 Super Effective Sources of Web Design Inspiration

With the advance of web technology and the emergence of website builders like Oxxy, web design has become a skill more accessible to everybody. However, website builders will provide you with the necessary tools to create beautiful designs, but you will still need some inspiration as web designers need to be creative.

That is why we have created a list full of sources of inspiration about web design. If you aren’t sure how your next website will look like, head over to some of these places on the web.

Web design portals


Awwwards is one of the most popular platforms where web designers can submit their project and compete for the big price – Site of the Year. Notable winners of the awards include Google, Mercedes, Norton and many other websites from big corporations.

In the same time, each day many web designers from around the world submit their sites to Awwwards where users can vote and choose Site of the Day. When opening the homepage you will see the trending website and visit all of them. You can also check the Winners category where you can browse through all websites submitted to the platform and sort them based on category, tags, colors and countries. That makes Awwwards a great place for web design inspiration and you should check it out always when you reach a deadlock.


Unmatchedstyle is a web design directory where designers can submit their website and be listed after their work is reviewed. You can browse through the websites and sort them based on different categories.

Apart from the Gallery, Unmatchedstyle offers various podcasts, articles and interviews with industry experts.

All that makes Unmatchedstyle a great source of inspiration for your next project and you can also find something interesting there.

web design inspiration


Dribbble is a web design community where all kinds of designers and creative professionals share their work with each other by posting screenshots from their projects. You can find all the recent user submitted screenshots on the Shots page.

In fact, Dribbble is kind of different than the other portals as it is a social network where users can freely submit their work without a review. However, the platform is invite-only which guarantees that you will find mostly quality works there and that all of the designers are real professionals.

Dribble is useful for every creative professional as there you can not only view the work of other designers, but also get in touch with them and participate in discussions.


We’ve already talked about the benefits of Behance as it is a good place for freelance web designers to find a job opportunity. However, Behance is also a great source of inspiration for those of you who want to build a website, but are not sure about its design as there you can discover tons of great web design examples.

In fact, Behance is dedicated to all kinds of creative professionals which means that most of the project that are showcased there aren’t from the web design industry, but you will also find a lot of web design works there.

web design inspiration


Unlike Behance, TopDesignInspiration is mainly dedicated to professionals from the web industry. There you will find tons of great websites with a stunning design. You can easily browse through the plenty of categories that the site offers.

And just like other web design portals, if you feel that the design of your website is great, you can submit your site and it will be reviewed by experts.


CSSDesign is an easy to use website that gives you access to tons of great web design examples. Just like in other portals, the sites are divided into different categories. However, CSSDesgn offers fewer categories than other sites, which, in fact, makes it a bit easier for users to orientate themselves.

Another cool feature by CSSDesign you can try is the random search. Just hit the Random button in the upper right corner and you will be provided with a random set of websites to check out. Clicking on the site’s thumbnail will redirect you to the website.

CSSDesign is also only about web design, which can make it useful for those of you who want to quickly find some inspiration for their next website.

Webdesign Inspiration

The name here says it all – the primary focus of this platform is to give inspiration and ideas to web designers. You can sort websites by industry, type, color or style. You can also find some information about every website submitted to the platform.

You can also take a look at some of the other great features of the platform. It offers access to articles with tips, as well as free resources for web designers.

The Best Designs

The Best Designs is also a platform to check out if you seek design inspiration. It gives you access to many website that you can view and pin the ones you like. You can also view some information about each project.

Web design inspiration from social media

web design inspiration from social media

Furthermore, you shouldn’t also underestimate the power of social media. They are also a great source of inspiration about web design. A lot of professionals share their work there and you simply need to find them and follow them.

For example, Medialoot has created a nice list with web design board to follow on Pinterest. You can check it out here.

The best web designers are also on Twitter. Most of them share interesting industry-related news and resources that could be useful for you. Creative Bloq has created this list of 10 Twitter account every web designer should follow.

Don’t forget also about groups in Facebook, Google+ or LinkedIn. Just type web design in the search and you will find some interesting communities where you can get in touch with other professionals from the field of the web design.

Now that you’ve found the inspiration you need, head to Oxxy and make it a reality!