8 Reasons for Choosing a Website Builder for Your Online Business

Even if your website doesn’t impress the clients with the first blink of an eye (as this study shows) don’t get disappointed. Today you can change it and make it better with a blink of an eye. Have in mind that this study has been made prior to the Website Builder Era. The people were not designers of their own websites as they are today with all this boom of paid and free website builders that are getting bigger and bigger by putting more and more options in the hand of their clients.

Creating a website has never been that easy. No computer programming, no manual code editing, just you and your drag and drop option. No need to tell that it’s financially beneficial too. So why is the website builder software so special? Because it’s easy, it’s adaptive, it’s responsive, it’s cheap and it’s getting better and better.

touch screen functionality

Small and Medium Enterprises get advantage of the situation making their e-commerce website with an online website maker heading towards a successful B2B and B2C policy. That is more than welcome to the web building business because it responds respectively with the best possible tools taking care of the SME’s business digital identity. Just like menus for restaurant websites, introduced by one of the biggest website builders whose policy is focused on small-scale business.

startup business planToday, free website builders are actually the best option for starting small businesses. Here is our list of 8 reasons why entrepreneurs should go for a website using a website builder.

  1. You don’t need any techie knowledge – you can create a website and a blog within 10 minutes without paying a cent to a web developer.
  2. It is affordable – especially you’re on a tight budget. Most of the web builders support a reasonable free trial plan and pricing policy.
  3. Flexibility – lots of templates, design options and good editing functionality using a drop and drag function.
  4. SEO-friendly – web builders provide SEO optimization (Google-friendly).

  5. Mobile optimization – most of the web makers support optimization for mobile devices.
  6. Domain/hosting – you can have your own domain and e-mail for an affordable price.
  7. Maintenance – it’s easy to update and maintain your desktop and mobile webpage any time you want.

  8. E-commerce functionality – your online business will get everything it needs for your B2B and B2C communication.

OXXY provides all tools and features needed for a start-up small amd medium business plan. Among out privileges are our free business mail support, touch-screen for mobile devices, multiple websites management from one account and loads of templates and design options.