Is The Website Builder I Use Mobile Adaptable?

According to the analysts mobile web usage has already got bigger than the desktop usage. Meanwhile mobile e-commerce grows faster than the online e-commerce. And it will grow more and more. That’s for sure. How do the web builders catch up with the new requirements of the online market and the speeding rate of mobile appliances?

Mobile technology is the new king. And web builders’ forward-thinking should be adequate enough to design the king’s face smiling from your mobile screen. Metaphorically speaking.

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Browsing the web with smart devices is an everyday routine. The mobile web relies on the 3G penetration whose rate is 46% in the USA and 54% in Western Europe.Mobile-broadband subscriptions have grown 40 percent annually over the last 3 years.Today there are 2.1 billion mobile users in the entire world which is almost 30% of the population on Earth. According to the forecasts the global 3G penetration in 2020 will be 56%.

That’s why it’s essential for the web builders to provide adequate conversion of the web page into a mobile version which can adapt to the new global trends. Web creators should keep on improving their mobile optimization for better surfing, publishing and editing.

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As the mobile version needs a completely different layout you will need to know if that layout suits your mobile identity. Here are 6 important questions, whose answers will give you the keys to better mobile optimization. You can always use them when asking your web maker about his/your mobile presence.

  1. Is my web page content compressed for easy mobile surfing?
  2. Are the templates responsive to the mobile version?
  3. Is my web page compatible with iPhone and Android phones?
  4. Do you provide a mobile editor?
  5. Is my mobile version e-commerce friendly?
  6. Do I have control over my mobile version?

We know these are just few of the question but still they imply the important question: Is your web builder ready to call itself mobile adaptable? The team OXXY web creator is working hard to improve its mobile optimization as one of one latest updates is a touch screen website building option. With this update you can easily create a website on a touch device.

OXXY Website Builder also offers an unlimited drag’n’drop finction, a WYSIWYG editor for easy customization, lots of templates with great design, multiple domain support, social and SEO optimization, and more.