Top 5 Web Design Trends for 2016

2016 is lurking around the corner and that means that you need to get familiar with all the new trends that are going to rule the web in the next year (or maybe the next few years). With about two months remaining of 2015 now is just the time start preparing your website and get ahead of the competition early on.

Here at Oxxy we are dedicated to providing all our users with a stunning online presence and that includes keeping you updated with all the latest insights from the industry. That’s why we created this list with 5 web design trends that we believe will be super popular in 2016. For each trend we’ve also included an example website to show you how things work in practice. Each of the trends you see could be also easily executed using Oxxy Website Builder.

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Bigger Typography

web design trends 2016

Example website:

More and more web designers are including bigger and bolder typography on their websites. This has an immediate effect on visitors as it clearly shows them what you message is. In our opinion, this trend will continue to become more and more popular in 2016.

In addition, web designers these days has a wider variety of web fonts available for them. With a clear message, a suitable font and a little increase in the font size of its font size, you can have a clearly unique website that will impress your visitors.

Mobile comes first

web design trends for 2016

Example website:

2015 was a big year for the mobile web design so far. With the latest Google update earlier this year that was all about giving benefits to mobile friendly websites, every webmaster became obsessed with this topic. In the same time, statistics clearly show that mobile web is overtaking PCs around the world, which means that we are not far away from the moment when companies will start creating a mobile website (or a mobile app) first and then a desktop website.

If you still haven’t created a mobile website for yourself, it’s high time you do that! You will be fascinated by the huge advantages this could bring for you.

Split layout

web design trends for 2016

Example website:

The split layout, or also called split content, is another nice trend that could make your website stand out from the competition in the next year. Split layout means dividing the website into two vertical halves with different content in each of them. Usually, these two parts are easily distinguished as they are styled with contrasting colors.

Split layout designs are a great way of organizing content on your website as they make it easy for visitors to make the decision about the content they want to see. In our opinion, this trends will grow in terms of popularity during the next year and we will see more and more websites using it.

Cinemagraph background


Cinemagraphs are photographs that contain a repeated movement. They are usually in GIF format which makes them available to be put as a website background. If you choose or create a high-quality cinemagraph and put it as your background you could make your site way more visually appealing. It will give your website a more interactive and modern look and visitors love such websites.

The challenge here is to create a high-quality cinemagraph. One way to do it is with Photoshop. There are plenty of online guides and tutorials for the purpose. For example, you can check out the one from Hubspot. Another way to go for a cinemagraph is by downloading an app for your smartphone that directly captures a GIF image.

Decline of coding

web design trends for 2016

Example website: Reservation.Tools

We’ve already spoken about the decline of coding and in our opinion there is no reason to believe that this trend won’t become more and more distinct. Website building platforms are becoming way more powerful and able to create fully functional and unique websites. In the same time, the roles of web developers and web designers will continue to go farther from each other and the later won’t be as depended on coders as they were in the past. In our opinion, we are not far away from the time when web developers will only focus on more complicated projects rather than creating websites for businesses. This makes the process way more affordable and more companies and individuals are able to have their own stunning online presence at an affordable price.