Top Web Designers to Follow on Twitter

A while ago we published an article about the top sources of web design inspiration. There we told you that one of the best ways to find inspiration about your next project and keep up with all the latest trends in the industry is to follow and engage with fellow web designers on social media.

The microblogging platform Twitter is one of the favorite social networks of web designers. There you can find a lot of popular names. Here are some of the top web designers you should definitely follow.

Jeffrey Zeldman (@zeldman)

Jeffrey Zeldman is one of the most popular web designers in the world. He is the author of the super famous book “Designing with Web Standards”. He is the driving force behind the web design platform A List Apart and is also pretty active on Twitter. In his profile you can find a lot of useful articles about web design and much more.

Aral Balkan (@aral)

Aral Balkan is a social entrepreneur and the lead designer of – a U.K based social enterprise building technology with the aim of protecting privacy and human rights in the digital age. You can often see Aral speaking on different popular conferences around the world, advocating about an Internet that respect people’s privacy. In his Twitter account she shares a lot of interesting industry-related news, as well as articles about Internet privacy and more.

Chris Kaufman (@kauf)

With more than 200K followers on Twitter Chris Kaufman is one of the most influential web designers out there. He is Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer of UpTo. In his Twitter account Chris shares plenty of useful information about business, such as articles about entrepreneurship or nice resources with tools. You could definitely learn something new every day if you follow him on Twitter.

Ethan Marcotte (@beep)

One of the most popular names in the web industry, Ethan Marcotte is a regular speaker at different industry conferences. He is the one that coined the term “responsive web design” some years ago. With more than 70k followers on Twitter he is definitely an influential man and you can find a lot of useful information about responsive web design.

Veerle Pieters (@vpieters)

Veerle Pieters is a popular designer from Belgium. She is the founder of the design company “Duoh!” and is known for her CSS tutorials and other insights she shares on her blog. Veerle has the amazing 193K followers on Twitter and there is a good reason for that – she shares tons of great content about design. You could definitely learn something useful every single day just from following her account.

Chris Coyier (@chriscoyier)

Chris Coyier is a well-known name in the web design industry. He is the driving force behind two great project – CodePen and CSS-Tricks. CodePen is a platform from front-end developers that lets them write HTML, CSS and JavaScript directly in the browser and see an instant preview of their code. CSS-Tricks is a web portal about web design and development where you can find tons of articles on these topics. Chris is pretty active on Twitter and has more than 140K followers. He usually shares interesting articles about web design and web development.

Dan Cederholm (@simplebits)

Dan Cederholm is the Co-Founder of Dribbble – one of the most popular platform that lets designers share screenshots of their works with the community. He is the author of numerous books about design and often speak at various conferences and industry events. He also has a really nice blog – SimpleBits where you can find tons of useful information.

Eric Meyer (@meyerweb)

Eric Meyer has been working for the web since 1993 as he shares on his personal blog. He is a well-known expert in HTML and CSS and has started or contributed to many projects in that area. With more than 88K followers on Twitter Eric Meyer is clearly an influential member of the community and he often shares interesting articles, facts and insights about the web industry, among other things.

Brad Frost (@brad_frost)

Brad Frost is a web designer from the USA and one of the most active members of the community. He is an often speaker at different events about the web and you can find out he is really passionate about the things he do. He is the driving force behind some really cool projects, such as and Mobile Web Best Practices. In our opinion, his Twitter profiles is one of the best on this list as it is full of super useful information.

Dave Shea (@mezzoblue)

One of the best designers in the world, Dave Shae hosts an amazing blog – He is also the man behind the CSS Zen Garden Project – one of the most popular web design platforms out there.

Jared Spool (@jmspool)

Jared Spool is the founder of User Interface Engineering. He is a well-known expert in the field of UX design and has been working on that since 1978. His Twitter account is totally worth following as he shares a lot of interesting facts on the topic.

Cameron Moll (@cameronmoll)

Cameron Moll is a popular name in the web design industry an often speaks at different industry events and conferences. He is the author of several interesting books on the topic, the man behind the freelance platform Authentic Jobs and, among other things, is pretty active on Twitter too.

Tobias van Schneider (@schneidertobias)

Tobias van Schneider is a German designer that has worked with some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Google, Spotify, BMW and Red Bull. He is also pretty active on Twitter and if you want to learn more from him you can join his personal email list from here.

Chris Spooner (@chrisspooner)

Chris Spooner is a designer and blogger. He is the man behind several blogs – his personal blog, Blog.SpoonGraphics, Line25, as well as a YouTube channel about gaming. Chris Spooner is also quite active on his Twitter account. You can find all of his blog articles, guides and video tutorials there. His almost 85K followers prove that he definitely has a place in this list.

Simon Collison (@colly)

Simon Collison is a web designer from the United Kingdom. He has contributed to several pretty good books on the topic. As he shares on his personal website, he does plenty of speaking and writing too. In his personal Twitter account Simon often shares interesting news about upcoming other past events in the web design industry.

Luke Wrobolewski (@lukew)

Last, but not least, there is Luke Wrobolewski. Currently he is a Product Director at Google. Previously, he co-founded to successful companies – Polar and Begcheck that were later acquired by Google and Twitter respectively. He is also the author of some useful books about web design, speaks at many conferences and writes a lot of articles. His Twitter account is definitely worth following as he shares plenty of useful insights about the latest trends in web design.