8 Essential Features of Every Small Business Website

You are a small business owner and you rely on your website to bring you new customers and keep your company going. Like every other type of websites small business websites have their own unique characteristics than differentiate them from online stores, portfolio websites or blogs, for example.

Here we’ve collected 8 essential features of all small business websites that you definitely need:

Mobile Version

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Statistics show that a lot of the internet users are online through a mobile device. Alone in the USA the percentage of online users in 2015 is more than 70% and is expected to reach 86,5% by 2019 according to Statista. This means there is a pretty big chance that your potential customers are using a mobile device to browse the web. If you want to catch their attention, you need to have a mobile friendly website as it’s way better in terms of user experience.

Furthermore, Google tends to give a boost to mobile friendly websites and it’s essential to have from a SEO perspective.

The good things is that if you use Oxxy for your website, you don’t need to worry about your mobile website. We provide a simple yet very powerful solution for people that want to have a stunning online presence not only on desktop, but also on mobile devices. With our Mobile editor you can design your mobile website by yourself and enjoy fantastic results.

Google Analytics

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If you want to optimize your website, you need accurate data about your visitors and what they do on your pages. The easiest way to do it is by integrating Google Analytics. Of course, there are many other similar tools, but Google Analytics has some advantages because it’s both free and really powerful. It lets you track every statistic that you will need, such as number of visitors, where they come from, what they do on your website, how long do they stay and much more.

Integrating Google Analytics is pretty simple. You will need to set up a Google account and sign up for Google Analytics. Then you need to verify that you are owner of your website by taking the tracking code from Analytics and pasting it on your homepage.

Social Media integration

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A lot of small business owners think that when their brands are on social media they don’t need a website. Others think that when they have a website they don’t need social media presence. The truth is that you need to take advantage of both channels if you want to successfully promote your small business online.

If you want to make your website social media friendly, you need to follow several simple steps. The first thing you can do is add social sharing buttons, so that it’s as easy as possible for your visitors to share your page with their friends and followers. The next thing you can do is add links to your social media pages. Make sure to put them above the fold (this is the place that is visible without the need of scrolling down).

About us page

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We have already talked about the importance of having a solid about us page on your small business website. The reason why it is so important is that people tend to trust companies that they know better. Using your about us page to tell your story is great idea. Furthermore, the about us page is one of the first pages on your site that your visitors will check. A solid about us page is a sign of trustworthiness and shows that you are a reliable partner.

Some of the tips we give about creating an effective about us page are:

  • Talk with visuals – don’t just tell who you are, show it to people.
  • Talk about the benefits of your company – don’t just tell that you are the best. Show how your company can benefits people lives or work.
  • Be authentic – don’t try to look bigger than you actually are. At some point, people will notice that.

Call-to-action (CTA)

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Call-to-actions (CTAs) are an important part of every modern website. When you bring visitors to your website, you will most often expect them to perform a certain action. This action could be of any kind. For example, you may want them to purchase a certain product, to get in touch with you, download an ebook or any other kind of activity that is important for you. In the same time, you can’t expect people to perform that desired action without a little help from your side. The way to direct users to perform your desired action is by using CTA buttons.

When designing your call to action you need to pay attention to several important considerations that may result in a better or worse effectiveness. These are:

  • The text of the call to action
  • It’s placement
  • It’s color
  • It’s size
  • What it’s surrounded by


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Undoubtedly, the importance of having a nice logo on your small business website is huge. There are several advantages about that. The first one is that you simply cannot image a company without a logo. It just doesn’t seem like a real company. The next important thing is that a great logo captures visitors’ attention which is something that you need to seek.

Great logos are unique and professionally crafted. This means that if you aren’t a designer, it’s better to let a professional do the work. If done right, this is a solid investment for the future, so be willing to spend some cash for logo design.

And, if you already have a logo, you definitely need to put it on your website.


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Testimonials are just great. Almost every company uses them. Instead of telling people that your company is great, you can just let your existing customers say it. It’s way more real and trustworthy. Plus, if the people that you get your testimonials from are well-known and trusted in your industry, the advantages will be huge.

When you ask someone to give you a short opinion about working with you, ask was the effect for their business or for their life about that. This means you don’t just need somebody to say how cool you are, but you need them to say how beneficial is to be your client. For example, a great testimonial about a b2b company can say “Working with company X doubled our profits in just 6 months”.

As to where to put the testimonials on your page, there isn’t a certain rule. You can either put them on your homepage or somewhere else, but make sure that your visitors will definitely notice them.

Real images

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Visuals are one of the aspects that differentiates great websites from average ones. Many people use generic stock photos on their website and the result is awful. There are several reasons why stock photos aren’t a good idea when it comes to your website. First of all, they look fake. Usually, people will be able to tell the difference between a real photo and a stock photo. And, companies that show stock photos instead of real ones, look like they have something to hide.

Furthermore, stock photos are used by many companies and the chance that a bunch of other website use the same photos as yours is huge. Not to mention also that they aren’t cheap at all.

So, the best idea is to make real images of your team, your office, your products, etc. It will look way more realistic and reliable and it won’t cost you that much at all.

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