What Makes a Good Website Builder

What makes Ronaldo one of the best football players in the world? His ability to score, his dribble, his look at the field, or the sum of his skills? It’s not far away from the truth to say that he is a game builder. In the field of web building the game is always about who builds better. What are the skills that turn a web creator into one of the best? Or maybe the best one? It’s the same, but most of all it’s the ability to score.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common factors used by the clients to recognize the best website builder. The new website builders give you a chance to make you a real designer.

oxxy website builder

Flexibility and simplicity

If customization and content management are just as easy as spreading jelly on a slice of bread, then go for it. The ultimate website makes sure all of its tools for design modification work simple and efficiently and don’t take too much time.

Suitable, stylish and responsive themes

The best website builders offer the best options for choosing and adapting themes. Themes and templates are what give the overall visual impression on your website and they should fit your needs in the best possible way. They should also be adaptive to mobile devices so that you can be sure that the mobile version won’t distance away from the original design.

Is this your domain?

The domain that appears on your website and e-mail is your “Hello, that’s who we are in the business world” initial presentation which is of great importance. It’s completely another world if you have a gmail or yahoo account. You’re just in another category.

SEO, mail & pricing

If your SEO configuration gives you full control over your meta descriptions, page titles, friendly, customizable and structural URLs, then you’re fully equipped for an excellent search engine ride. No need to talk how important mail is but it all comes to the pricing plan that should be thoroughly examined.

oxxy website builder

Why is OXXY Website Builder worth trying?

One of the best OXXY website builder features is the business mail service, which is quite expensive with other website creators, reaching up to 100$ per month. Here it is offered for free. We announced our new “Business Email Service” at the TechCrunch Disrupt Europe Conference in London in October 2014. You can find more about our business mail service here.

OXXY Website Builder has also one of the best pricing plans which are worth your investment. Our free website builder plan is also tempting. You can see which one fits you best here.

OXXY drag-and-drop editor makes helps you build easily a professional and elegant-looking design.

OXXY Website Builder provides a screen touch support for mobile devices. Check out our updates to see what’s next. OXXY offers a lot of different templates adaptive to any browser, tons of images in the gallery, and much more.

New website builders like OXXY, whose beta version was launched the previous year, should be tested “on the game field” if you want to compare its qualities and have an objective opinion based on your experience with previous web makers. Our recommendation is – “Try first, talk later… and give us a feedback!”