How come your website builder works as a GPS compass?

How a website builder can help SMEs find more clients by perfect navigation

A website builder can help you visualize your small or medium business idea by creating a website that symbolizes its identity. Each small and medium enterprise stands behind a business idea which must grow in order to produce fruits (profits). How can an online website builder help this process and cultivate prosperity? It is exactly the visualization of an idea that attracts people’s attention as it embodies and represents the content, the information and the benefits of your products and services. Attracting someone’s attention means that you guide this attention to the right direction. Here are three simple steps for perfect navigation.

First step – Creating a website is all about orientation!


According to a recent study made by Weizmann Institute of Science and published in Nature, bats’ brain contains an internal 3D compass that helps their navigation in space. Therefore, we can assume that all mammals, including humans, have this 3D compass. It’s due to neurons that are able to sense which direction our head is pointed towards. The migratory monarch butterfly also uses an internal compass to navigate from North America to South America each autumn. Creating a website is similar to creating a map. If you don’t want to cause your clients vertigo, then you must create a website that navigates clients as an experienced guide. And this is what the website builder must provide through all features that navigate your visitors to the right place.

Second step – Creating a website is all about design!


Besides good orientation, small and medium business websites need proper features that can help you build the proper design that fits best your SME business plan. According to another scientific study, wing design plays a key role in migration success of migratory monarch butterflies. It shows that redder wings prove to be performing better than others.This example taken out from the world of science is just another sign or a metaphor, if you prefer, that gives us the ability to recognize the specific steps that lead us to the world of success (the final destination). The best website builder takes you to a free flight towards success and your website design is the design of your wings.

Third step – It’s all about making your clients “true navigators”!


The third step also stems out of the scientific data which says that monarch butterflies are true navigators as they also use external geographic landmarks to find their destination. Even if they don’t have an internal compass, they can still manage to get where they want because they are “true navigators.” How do this information actually applies to a “website building point of view”? Well, the website builder should have the ability to make the visitors “true navigators”. All external signs should fit their place and make the visitors feel like coming home.

OXXY Website builder is one of the best website building software that can help you go through these three steps. As you will find out by yourself, it has all necessary features for orientation, design and true navigation. This is how a website builder helps small and medium business website ideas transform from a caterpillar to a beautiful butterfly which always find the right way to success.