Design Tip: How to Use Ghost Buttons on Your Website

The so-called ghost buttons aren’t a new trend but their popularity is still growing and we expect it to continue being a big thing in web design at least for the next few years. That’s why it’s a good idea that you get familiar with it and use it on your next web design project.

If you are using Oxxy to build your website, you will find out that it’s pretty easy to create a ghost button. You can find out how to do it step-by-step in this article. We’ve also included some useful tips on how to make your ghost buttons even prettier and more effective.

ghost buttons

What exactly is a ghost button?

The ghost button isn’t something very complicated. In fact, it’s pretty simple and perhaps exactly in its simplicity we can find its beauty. The ghost button is a regular button that is transparent or, has a thin border and a light font for the text.

Some other common characteristics of ghost buttons are that they are mainly used on websites with minimalistic web design and are often placed at the center of the web pages. Usually ghost buttons are white or black and are created in square, rectangle or circle shape. Also ghost buttons are often larger than the other buttons on a page.

Why are ghost buttons so effective?

The effectiveness of the ghost buttons lies in their simplicity. Because of that they provide a great opportunity for web designers to implement them in minimalistic designs. Ghost buttons are mostly used for call-to-actions, but they can also be implemented in navigation menus. The reason is that when put on a minimalistic website they easily catch the attention of visitors and could bring a really high click-through rate.

Using ghost buttons on your business website

Ghost buttons are very appropriate for business websites. Most corporate sites include a call-to-action somewhere on their pages. Whether it be to make visitors buy something, get in touch with the company or just give their email, almost every good corporate landing page includes a call-to-action. And as we mentioned, there is no better way to design a CTA button than to use a ghost button for the purpose.

How to create a ghost button in Oxxy?

Oxxy Website Builder makes it pretty easy even for beginners and for newbie designers to create powerful ghost buttons. It won’t take you more than two minutes to do it and the result will look as professional as possible.

First you will need to add a new button from the elements’ menu.

After that go to its style panel so that you can make the button a ghost button. The most important thing you need to do is make it transparent. You can do it by simply unchecking the background box. Ghost buttons could also be semi-transparent. This means that you can just lower the opacity in the background tab without unchecking it.

Whoa! Now you have a ghost button! Of course, you will want to make it even more beautiful. To do that, play around with the other options in the style panel. Adjust the corners, the borders, the hover options and whatever else you want. Just don’t forget the three most essential aspects of the ghost buttons:

–    They need to be transparent or semi-transparent

–    They only have thin border

–    They have light, easy-to-read font for the text