Reservation.Tools – Reservation and Customer Relation Tool


In the article “How to build a website for my website” we have shown you the main steps to follow to build your webpages with Oxxy, as well as how to embed the reservation form of Reservation.Tools – Reservation and Customer Relation Management Tool (

This reservation form is only one of the various options, offered by Reservation.Tools. The platform gives you the possibility to manage all venue reservations. It is suitable for restaurants, bars, hotel lobby bars and moreover, you can manage the relationship with your customers, which is a great plus for your business.

You can make an integration between your website and the restaurant app Reservation.Tools, but also with:

  • Your venue website
  • Your venue Facebook webpage
  • External booking platforms
  • Automated chatbot

The reservation system represents something like a hub that gathers and manages all the reservations coming from different channels.

The system includes a wide range of functionalities:

Visual Table Layout – an interactive floor plan allowing to click on each specific table to enter or edit a reservation. You can customize the floor plan view by using different colors. Moreover, there is an editor through which you can in an easy and fast way to change the table positions, change their size, or add new ones.

Online access – the access to the system is entirely online, there is no need to download local software. You can manage all your venues from any location with internet connection by using all types of devices – computer, laptop, smartphone, tablet.

Manage multiple venues through a single account – the platform allows you to add multiple venues in the same account and have easy access to each one of them by switching from one to another and manage all reservations and customer data base. There is no need to logout and enter in another profile which could make you lose time and commit errors.

Different user access levels – you can create different access levels for different users to limit them in certain operations and provide different user rights. Using this option you can protect some of the information in your account and assure secure reservation management. The only thing you need to do is to create separate profiles to all users by assigning their role as staff, manager, admin etc. Moreover, the system registers all action logs through which you can monitor all the actions made by each user.

Customer Data base – one of the advantages of Reservation.Tools is the existing data base containing all customer information. Moreover, the info related to all reservations is saved in the data base and you can check in each moment when and how many reservations have made a specific client including comments and additional notes describing their visit. Also, when you want to make a new reservation for a regular customer, you can automatically load their contacts without the need to insert them again in the app.

Statistics – the system has a Dashboard containing all statistics related to reservation management. You can check, for instance, for a chosen period of time, the distribution of the reservations by channels, a number of reservations by day of the week, the top 10 customers etc. This option is very helpful to analyze your activity and optimize it.

Customer rating – each one of your customers, you register in the app, can be rated according to their behavior. This information remains registered into the data base which allows you to check it in every moment when the same clients want to make a new reservation. The Customer rating option helps to reduce no-shows.

Module for customer accommodation and quick reservation search and browsing – Reservation.Tools system offers 3 different views of the reservations presentation: search list, floor plan, and scheduler. You can choose the most suitable view for you to manage your reservations and accommodate the customers. Also, there is a timeline strip to manage reservations in different time and days.

Notifications (sms, email и chat bot)  –  the platform has a notification module through which you can send sms, emails and chatbot messages to your customers and staff. You can customize easily each notification and insert a personalized text. The messages notify customers about the actual status of their reservation (confirmation, cancelation, completion, expiration, rejection, reservation reminder etc. ). Your staff can be notified each time when there is a new reservation.

PUSH notification – These notifications are destined only to your staff and can be set according to your preferences. The users of your account can receive messages each time when a new reservation has been created, removed, or edited.

SMS campaigns (standard SMS service or Viber SMS) – Thanks to this service you can send promotional SMS campaigns to your customers in order to inform them about actual promotions, discounts, an event etc. SMS communication is great to connect with your customers and has a very high rate of message views.

Registration and trial at Reservation Tools

You can get a free one month trial to test all the system functionalities including both the reservation module and the administration module.  

In the video tutorial below, you can see a Reservation.Tools demo version.

Here are the main steps to follow:

Step 1:

Go to the website Reservation.Tools ( and click on the “TRY NOW” button


Step 2:

Fill your user data in the respective form and click on “Register”.

Step 3:

Fill the contacts of the venue for which you want to make a profile. You can also choose some additional settings. Click on “Create”


Step 4:

Before entering in your newly created profile, go to your mailbox to click on the received link to confirm your credentials. Then fill your username and password in the following online form:


How to work with Reservation.Tools app

The system has 2 main modules: Reservation module and Administration module.

You can see a video tutorial for each one of them to see the different options and functionalities.

Reservation module

Administration module