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Introducing Reservation.Tools: Helping restaurants and nightlife locations handle reservations

One of Oxxy’s primary goals is to always deliver great products to help businesses grow and thrive. Be it with a website builder that enables you to create the perfect online presence or something

Already have an Oxxy email? Check out how you can access it

Last year Oxxy announced one of its greatest features – free business email accounts. They come with each of our premium subscriptions and the best thing about it – you don’t need to pay

How to Set Up an Email Account in OXXY: Video Tutorial

If you own a website, there are plenty of reasons why you would want to set up an email account that is personalized just for you. No matter how great are some of the

How to Manage Site Subscriptions in OXXY: Video Tutorial

Last week we showed you how to connect a domain to your website in Oxxy and now we continue with our series of video tutorials, this time about Site Subscriptions. To suit the needs

2014 Recap: What we achieved at Oxxy in the previous year

2014 was a great year for Oxxy. After a lot of hard work and preparation we launched the first version of our project. And just in the first month we grew to a community