Introducing Reservation.Tools: Helping restaurants and nightlife locations handle reservations

One of Oxxy’s primary goals is to always deliver great products to help businesses grow and thrive. Be it with a website builder that enables you to create the perfect online presence or something else, we always try to be in help of companies. That is why we developed a new product that is targeted at restaurants, bars, clubs or diners – Reservation.Tools.

Our research showed that many locations still rely on pen-and-paper to handle their reservations. By launching Reservation.Tools we provide a simple, yet powerful solution for such places.

With our tool managers of restaurants and nightlife locations can organize their workflow in a more effective way by digitizing the reservation process and saving time.

The platform can be used through our web based application or through the mobile app that can be downloaded form Google Play. With our software the restaurant’s host/hostess can handle all incoming reservations on the go. Everything happens in the visual editor where the person responsible for reservations just needs to click on the desired table in order to book it, mark it as occupied or set it free.

In the same time Reservation.Tools lets restaurants and nightlife locations maintain a database with all their customers and reservations.

Exclusive to all users, we offer another great feature – the Reservation.Tools: Contact Sync app that allows you to sync all your customers’ contacts from the database to any smartphone or calling device in real time. This way when you receive a new incoming reservation, you will know who is calling and skip the spelling of names and phone numbers.

Another benefit of Reservation.Tools is that you can use it from everywhere. The only thing you need is an internet connection.

To see more about the reservation platform, we suggest you visit its very own website – Reservation.Tools.

In the future we will continue fulfilling our mission to help businesses grow using simple, yet powerfrul tools. That is why we will continue adding new cooler features to Reservation.Tools. So stay tuned!

To see our platform in action, watch our intro video below: