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How to Best Organize Your Small Business Website (Part I)

The most effective websites are those that make it easy for the visitors to find what they are looking for while in the same time being visually appealing. This means that besides thinking of

8 Essential Features of Every Small Business Website

You are a small business owner and you rely on your website to bring you new customers and keep your company going. Like every other type of websites small business websites have their own

9 Types of Web Widgets You Can Put on Your Website

Integrating a web widget is an easy way to enhance your site’s functionalities. And when we say easy, we really mean it. You don’t need a web developer or any special skills to do

5 Smart Ways to Get More Customers Online

Usually, businesses create a website in order to find new customers. But in most cases simply getting online doesn’t do the trick. We’ve seen a lot of great companies with very beautiful websites that

SEO Checklist for your new website

One of the most common questions, people ask after they build their website is “How do I start optimizing my site for search engines?” The truth is that there is much to be done