3 advantages of Oxxy website builder platform

Have you already started to build your website with Oxxy platform? If yes, you are aware of all advantages we offer that can make your work easier. However, in case you have still doubts which platform to use, here are some good reasons to choose Oxxy:

Unlimited free trial period

Each Oxxy user can use for free the website builder and build their website for as long as is necessary without the need to activate a subscription plan. The plan activation is needed at the moment when the website is ready and you want to publish it online using a proper domain name. In contrast, many companies on the market limit the trial period to a few weeks. During this free of charge period, the user has to understand how to work with the platform and build their website. After the expiration of the trial period, no matter the website is built or not, the user is obliged to activate a subscription plan. Such an initial period, however, is rarely enough for customers to get ready with their projects considering, also, that most of them build their websites in their spare time and don’t have previous experience on that matter. Moreover, the website building process includes various steps. The first one is to build the website structure in terms of pages and subpages by choosing all the elements that will be present. The next stage is to prepare the website content in terms of text, pictures, or even special visuals. The third step is to include and distribute this content on the respective pages and then start to build the mobile version of the website. The last step is to test the correct functioning of the website.

In general, passing through all these intermediary stages can take even two-three months taking into consideration that the user needs time to get used to working with the platform. This is the reason why Oxxy offers a free time trial to its customers. You can build your website with your proper pace and dedicate all the time you need before activating a subscription plan.

A fully personalized website

Oxxy allows you to customize every website element achieving the design you desire. Not every platform offers such freedom. There are limits regarding the usage and positioning of the different elements which force you to compromise with the final website design look.

The website should correspond to your expectations and needs allowing you to best present your product and services. Oxxy offers ready to use free templates that can help you start without having any technical skills in web design. At the same time, each element of these templates can be customized according to your preferences. The work with the website builder is very intuitive which makes it easier introducing changes. Oxxy team is also available to help and provide assistance to online users.

The ready to use templates and the option to customize them is a successful combination enabling  Oxxy customers to build outstanding websites.

Free of charge customer support on chat, phone and email

The third very important advantage of Oxxy platform is that we offer customer support, not only on email but also on live chat and phone. Moreover, the assistance is free of charge. Other companies provide this type of assistance as a paid service or if it is free of charge, it is available only for premium plans. In other cases, the free of charge support is provided only by email and it takes up to one working day to receive an answer. Very often the answer arrives when the user doesn’t work anymore on the website because many of them build their online pages in their spare time. Due to late assistance, their progress isn’t going fast.

At Oxxy, you are able to ask questions while working on your website and receive fast answers. The customer service is active from 9:00-18:00 on working days. The well-timed customer service helps you moving ahead fast when building your website without blocking the working process. When the user meets technical difficulties and doesn’t know how to continue, their motivation decrease. We try to offer to our users all the necessary conditions and support, helping them to proceed without difficulties and avoiding the risk to abandon their project.  We hope that the advantages Oxxy provides are the keys for you to build your website as you imagine it to be, presenting in the best way your business, hobby, or online store.