11 Strange Businesses That Actually Make Money

Innovation and creativity are always the determining factors whether a business will be successful or not. But sometimes innovation and creativity are a little too much and that’s when we see all the weird business. What’s even more strange is that despite the fact that they may seem totally dumb at first, they manage to make millions.

Below we’ve collected 11 strange businesses that have managed to make a lot of money.

Something Store

strange businesses

Have you ever wanted to buy something, but don’t know what exactly? This is when the Something Store comes. The website lets you buy “something” for $10. After that, you will see what your “something” actually is when it is delivered to you. And “somethings” could be plenty of different products, such as a book, a board game, gourmet food and much more.

Pet Rock

pet rock strange businesses

Do you want a pet that requires no care at all? That’s exactly what the pet rock offers. Back in 1975 Gary Dahl, an advertising executive, came with the idea of the pet rock. For just one year, he managed to sell 1.5 million of them for $4 and became a millionaire.

From 2012, the pet rock is again available on the internet and you can have one for $19.95.

Anger Room

anger room

If you are one of those people that start beating and breaking things around them when they become angry, the Anger Room is the perfect place for you. The Anger Room simulates a real-life workplace or house where you can let your anger out. According to the company, this is one of the best ways to deal with stress and anxiety. You can even buy a gift card for your friends or family!

Furniture for slobs

furniture for slobs

If you live in a house full of kids that often make everything around them a total mess and have a pet (well, except the pet rock!), you need to buy furniture for slobs from Slobproof. They are made from a special fabric that never gets dirty.

The million dollar homepage

million dollar homepage

Image: milliondollarhomepage.com

Back in 2005 Alex Tew, a student from England, wanted to raise money for his university education and came with a pretty weird idea that made him a millionaire. He created a homepage consisting of 1 million pixels. Alex Tew managed to sell them in 10 x 10 blocks for $1 per pixel.

The million dollar homepage became one of the most popular sites on the Internet and one of the biggest internet phenomena. As of 2015 it is still active and you can check it out.

The Watch Me Eat Trend

french fries

It’s not exactly a business, but it brings a pretty solid profit to the participants. The Watch Me Eat Trend is popular mainly in South Korea and people are making thousands of dollars monthly from eating in front of the camera. Apparently, Koreans find it very relaxing and funny to watch other people eat and they are willing to spend money for that!


yo app

Image: justyo.co

Yo is a messaging app like WhatsApp or Hangouts, but the difference is that it lets you say only one thing to your contacts – Yo! So, you have your friends there just like in other apps but you cannot make a normal conversation with them. You can just say Yo! Pretty dumb you may think? Well, the app has received more than USD$1 million in investments and is becoming more and more popular. Weird!


strange businesses

Cats on the internet could make you rich and Icanhascheezburger.com is the real-life proof. The site publishes videos and images involving animals (usually cats) and including a funny caption. It’s one of the most popular sites on the net of its kind. The blog was created in 2007 by Eric Nakagawa and his friend Kari Unabesami.

Alibi Network

alibi network

Have you ever been in an awkward meeting desperately needing an excuse to leave? Or in the disco when your special one thinks you are at your parents’ house? That’s when Alibi Network comes in handy. The company offers excuses and alibis for every situation. Just name it and they can provide it.

I Do, Now I Don’t

wedding rings

What happens when you buy a 10k wedding ring but then your fiancé leaves you? Sell it you may say? Well, yes, but what if they offer you 3k for the ring? Would you be happy and accept the offer? That’s the story of founder Josh Opperman. When facing this problem he decided to break the status quo and build a marketplace for people to sell jewelry they don’t need anymore. A pretty weird idea, but very successful.

Soccer Collies

soccer collies

Image: Soccer Collies

The idea hit founder Mark Lukas when he saw his dog playing around with a ball at his house. He then set up the company that puts people against collies in a football match. Now Lukas and his dogs travel around the USA playing football against people.