When and How to Rebrand Your Business (INFOGRAPHIC)

When do I need to rebrand my business? This is a question many small business owners ask themselves and struggle to find the right answer.

The truth is that there are many signs that you should rebrand your business. Here a few that you should certainly consider:

–          You experience a strong and steady decrease in sales. All other marketing tactics that you’ve tried have failed.

–          You want to express a change in your corporate philosophy or an evolution.

–          You want to reflect current market tendencies and gain competitive advantage.

However, the thing is that identifying when you need to rebrand your business is only the first problem. The next thing you need to do is the rebranding itself. Having a good strategy here is vital. If you mess things up, you could have serious trouble.

For the purpose, we’ve found a nice infographic by Wheelhouse Advisors that provides you with a super effective rebranding strategy. Here are a few things to remember

–          Prepare a solid market research

–          Identify where the market opportunity lies

–          Gather internal data

–          Integrate your company story in your overall marketing strategy

–          Communicate your new message with your team

–          Distribute your message among your partners

You can find the full infographic below:

Your Six Step Rebranding Roadmap #Infographic

You can also find more infographics at Visualistan