Oxxy Website Builder Launched its Public Beta

Everything you start for the first time is very exciting. So is launching the first version of our project Oxxy that we have been working really hard on. Oxxy is a dream came true – powerful,  comprehensive, yet very intuitive website building platform with which website creation and publishing has never been easier. You don’t have to know programming language to create your  website. The code is already done for you. And so much more.. The new style features our professional team added came along very nice and now users have the chance to test all the amazing  interface-consistent elements. Oxxy is a great gift for anybody who wants to share information online but does not have web hosting or maybe a designer, or does not know how to use Javascript. The drag and drop page editing is taken one step further to allow users a complete control over the look and feel of the website they create. In addition, the toolbar is slim,  moveable and easily adjustable, so it does not take much of your working space. An Oxxy site can be published anywhere and is completely readable by search engines to serve your SEO  purposes. No haste, no peddling – it is cheap, easy, beautiful and it works.


Some great features of Oxxy:

  • The ability to manage all your websites within the builder in a single account. This is one of our missions – to have all the user online presence in a single location.
  • Touch ready interface. We are launching with a touch support for Chrome, and we are working on supporting the other browsers really soon.
  • Styling directly in the browser. The powerful style editor will make the designers feel at home with this user friendly feature. Style editor video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lGysWMR_dYY.
  • Working with elements with ease via multiple selection (like files on your desktop).
  • All possible Social buttons for Twitter, Facebook.


How Oxxy website builder is better than the competitors:

  • With the first release we are supporting full touch support for Chrome. Our focus for the future development in this direction is supporting all popular browsers and multi-touch support.

  • With the style editor we try to provide an environment as close as possible to the already established known UI/UX experience like Phothoshop/Illustrator/Gimp etc. while maintaining the simplicity of styling, making it accessible for beginner and advanced users.
  • The same goes for the workflow in working with elements while building your website pages. Interactivity like selecting multiple elements in the same manner you select and drag around the icons on your desktop, full control over the dimensions of your elements, free style editing with no template-type restrictions over the layout of your pages. (This can be seen only in the process of using Oxxy Builder).oxxy templates

  • For the users who doesn’t want to arrange/style/design their website, we provide templates which are built using the same Oxxy Website Builder. We plan to open the feature for saving site as template and use it for their future template market.

  • The service forces SSL (https) security not only during the buying subscriptions/upgrades process, but also trough the whole system from the start. We provide a free domain with all yearly subscriptions.

  • In addition to the phone support, our livechat support is integrated directly in the editor. You can chat with the support while building your website without switching browser tabs or windows. Keeping the user focused on their website building experience is the approach for everything we do.

  • Managing websites is just another feature following this practice. You browse and edit websites without leaving the editor.