Oxxy Announced its New Business Email Service

Oxxy announced its New “Business Email Service” at the TechCrunch Disrupt Europe Conference in London on 20th October 2014. A Service which will now be included in all premium subscriptions at no additional cost.

Just weeks after launching Beta, Oxxy announces the latest addition to its suite of products – a dynamic and convenient email service for all customers who want to have business email accounts linked to their website. Essentially, this new feature will assign all users a free email account included in every premium plan.

oxxy email service

As well as your own website and domain, you can now avail of professional looking emails, for example yourname@yourbusiness.com. Oxxy is launching these email accounts at no additional cost to all its new and existing subscribers. Up to 20 individual email accounts will be included at no additional cost. Some of Oxxy’s competitors are charging as much as 99$ (4.95$*20) per month for the same Business Email Service product.

Oxxy loves its customers

Our solution will be integrated within the website builder itself, and will provide full power for the email set-up and customization. Hereunder are some of the options included in the service:

  • Ability to manage all email accounts for all domains you have in Oxxy.

  • Obtain unlimited email aliases. You can forward any number of email names to one and the same email account.

  • Implement unlimited email filters, (i.e. set-up rules for your emails to be sorted in folders when they arrive in the mailbox) this will help manage your mailbox should you receive a large number of daily emails.give, gain, grow

  • A “Catch all” email option, which will let you receive all emails coming to a domain, unless they are sent to an existing account.

  • Auto responders can be set when you are out of the office, or maybe just to tell a customer that their query has been received.

  • Via webmail https://oxxy.email you can log-in to your account from anywhere, any time of day.

  • IMAP/POP3. Use your mail with any email client. Use it from your smartphone, computer or tablet.

  • A Spam filter setting – you can set the level of spam filtration and stop incoming spam. You can also use the blacklist or whitelist options.