5 Mobile Marketing Tactics to Try This Autumn

Smartphones are becoming extremely popular. People use them to browse the web, engage on social media, shop and communicate with their friends not only trough phone calls but also trough instant messages.

The growing popularity of mobile devices makes them a huge opportunity for marketers to reach out to potential new customers. Still, mobile marketing is consider primary a strategy of big companies. But if you think that it’s expensive, you are wrong. There are plenty of mobile marketing tactics you can try and their budget won’t be bigger than the budget of any other online marketing activity can think of.

Here are 5 solid mobile marketing tactics you can try. And what better opportunity to do it than the beginning of the autumn when business goes back to its normality after the summer holidays.

Make your site mobile

Start with the most essential part – a mobile-friendly website. If your website is not mobile, don’t waste time and create one. Mobile friendly websites are good both for you and for your customers. They can bring your organic traffic up as Google boosts rankings of websites that are mobile friendly. In the same time users are way more likely to stay longer on your site and engage with your company via their smartphones if your site is mobile.

Oxxy has recently announced a mobile solution for all our customers. It’s included in all packages and allows users to create a stunning mobile version of their website.

Make your visitors check-in

Social media and smartphones just go together. Almost everybody with a smartphone uses it to browse through Facebook or Twitter. In the same a lot of users love to share what they are doing and what is more important – where. The Facebook mobile app lets users check in to locations that they are visiting.

Think of this as a good marketing opportunity. Plenty of visitors offers some incentives if visitors check in on a certain place. If your business has a physical locations, you can make visitors check-in there are offer them a discount as a price.

mobile marketing tactics

Use QR codes

QR (Quick Response) codes became popular with the rise of the smartphones and tablets. Most often they are used to lead visitors to a certain website, but they can also point to YouTube video, Google Maps addresses and much more.

Using QR codes as a marketing strategy is a smart way to make visitors see your website. If you are printing leaflets or brouchures, you can put a QR code there pointing to your website. This is way more effective than simply putting your URL as people will be more likely to just scan the code with their smartphone than to manually type the web address.

Embrace the selfie trend

People are crazy about making pictures of themselves, or the so called “selfies”. Many people think of them as a sign of simple narcissism and others say they are even a form of psychopathy. Still, selfies will probably continue to be very popular in the near future which makes them a solid marketing opportunity.

There are plenty of ways to include selfies in your marketing strategy. One way to do it is by holding a contest that encourages your fans to post photos with your products or photos at your place of business (this one is very good for local businesses).

Get into text messaging

Text message marketing is a pretty solid marketing opportunity. The reason is that many people will probably skip through a promotional email but they are very likely to read every text message they receive. Text message marketing is useful when you want to introduce some new product or share information about special offers and discounts.