How To Effectively Recieve Support From Oxxy

One of Oxxy’s main goals is to provide first class support to all our customers. Although we do our best to create a powerful platform that is in the same time easy to use and understand, we know that even the best professionals can hit a wall sometimes. And that is when the Oxxy support team comes in handy.

We provide many opportunities for our users to get help. Check them out below. We have included some tips on how to get your problems resolved faster, as well.

Oxxy Help Center

Oxxy Help Center

If you don’t know how to do something with our website builder, the first place to look is our Help Center. It’s divided into different section where you can find everything related to creating your website with Oxxy – from creating an account to editing and styling your website, buying a domain and publishing your website.

So, if you don’t know how something works, you better first check out our Help Center as it is most definitely described there. We keep all articles there up to date and all changes and new features we add to our platform are shortly included there.

A tip from us:

If you wonder whether something can be done on our platform or how it can be done, we suggest you first try to find that information in our Help Center before jumping to the other means of support we provide. That will save us tons of time and will enable us to help all our users.

However, if you still cannot find what you need, we are there to help you and guide you through all processes.

Live Chat

Oxxy Live Chat

The fastest way to receive support is by using our live chat. You can find it in the bottom right corner on our website and also on the website builder. Just hit the ‘live support’ button, ask you question and one of our agents will deal with your case.

Keep in mind that our live support is available from 7AM to 5PM during the weekdays, although we are planning on providing 24/7 support in the near future. But don’t worry if you have a question when the support team is not available. You can still use the live chat to ask your question and we will answer you the next day via email.

A tip from us:

When asking a question, try to be as detailed as possible. The more information you include, the easier it is for us to help you. Always include your email address and website when you have a problem.

Email Support

Oxxy email support

Another option to get in touch with us is by shooting an email at The same rules like with the live chat apply here. Getting a response via email usually requires the same time as getting a response via email, so don’t think that this is the slower mean of support.

Phone support

Oxxy Phone Support

A premium feature by most of our competitors, we provide phone support for all our users (including the ones with a free subscription). You can find out how you can find the ways to reach us on our Contacts page.

Keep in mind that the phone support is also available during weekdays from 7AM to 5PM.

When you use the phone support you will be asked to explain your issue as detailed as possible. If it’s about a problem with our platform, we will ask for your contact details so that we can get back to you as soon as we resolve the issue.

To sum it, we try to be as flexible as possible in providing support to our users. We also don’t limit the support that is available to the users with free subscriptions. That means that all our customers can be sure that they have a reliable partner and whatever help they need in the process of creating the perfect website, will be provided by us.