9 Hobbies That Could Make the Best Small Business

Some people believe that turning your hobby into a business is the ultimate way to achieve work-life balance and long-time happiness. Finding a way to make a living by doing what you truly love guarantees that you won’t have to go to work at all.

Although it seems pretty good and straightforward, things are way more difficult in reality. You will need to deal with the psychological difference of doing something for fun and doing it with a financial gun in your head and with the strict deadlines. Moreover, not every hobby makes a solid and profitable business.

However, with some hard work and a lot of positive attitude (but mainly hard work!) you can make a really solid business out of your hobby. For the purpose, we’ve created this list hobbies that could be the best small business. If yours is on the list, you are good to go!

Dog walking & pet sitting

pet sitting

Do you love animals and have some spare hours to kill during the day? You can try out to offer personal dog walking or pet sitting services. This business won’t probably be enough to make a living out of it, but it’s good for students that want to make some extra money and not wasting their free time watching movies or playing video games.

In the same time, people are usually worried about who will take care of their pets when they travel or just don’t have time. That’s when you step in!

Website design

freelance web designer

If your hobby is to create websites, it’s a pretty good idea to start making money out of it. Good freelance designers usually bring a pretty solid income and have a lot of clients. Most often small businesses will reach out to influencers as they don’t have a big budget for their website.

In order to be a successful freelance web designer, you will need a solid portfolio to show your previous work. If you struggle to find clients at the beginning, you can go to one of the many freelance platforms connecting companies with professionals. You can even take one or two project pro bono just to have something good in your portfolio. Once you establish yourself in the community, this could be a very profitable business.

Event DJ

event dj

If you are a music fan and have invested some money in a high quality audio system, you can try to make some money by working part-time as an even DJ. Every birthday party, corporate event and wedding needs a DJ and with some connections you can bring in a solid income for yourself.



Starting your own bakery business doesn’t necessarily require a very big investment. For example, you can set it up at home and sell your product through your own website. In the same time, if you are keen on baking cookies, cakes and bread, you can bring a pretty solid income. People love homemade custom cakes and with some marketing budget you should be able to bring a lot of customers for yourself.

Home catering business

home catering business

Starting a home catering business is another opportunity for people that enjoy cooking. However, before you start, you need to figure out some important aspects. These include determining your market, finding potential clients, securing the necessary equipment and establishing contact with vendors. Once you have everything set up, you are good to go.

Personal Fitness instructor

personal fitness instructor

Many fitness lovers try to bring in some extra cash by providing personal exercise services. Keep in mind that if you want this business to be really successful you need to have some real knowledge and qualifications in the fields of fitness and nutrition. It’s a good idea to obtain some certification before you start. Moreover, with the growth of platforms like YouTube and Vimeo it has become extremely popular to learn all kinds of activities with online videos and tutorials. The same goes for fitness, as well. This means that you can start you own video blog showing different exercises.

Interior designer

interior design business

If you are a talented designer and choosing the furniture for your new home was the best time of your life, you can turn your hobby into a profitable business by offering interior design services. Before you start, you will need to obtain some certification, so enrolling into a design school is pretty important. Try also to be part of the design community and to visit as many seminars and industry events as possible.

Event photographer

event photography

If you like to take quality photos, have a professional equipment and excellence in some photo editing software such as Photoshop, you already have everything needed to become a photographer. Make sure to create a solid online portfolio to show your previous work to potential new clients. If you still don’t have enough photographs to share with the world, create some as soon as possible. The only thing worse than an empty portfolio is no portfolio at all.

Wedding planning

wedding planning

Wedding planning is the perfect business for those who are really into reading all the possible bridal magazines and keen on engaging with wedding arrangements. Couples are willing to pay a lot to people that can plan everything about their wedding. In the same time, this job doesn’t require any special education which makes it a good choice for talented and creative people that want to start a high-profitable business. Another advantage is that you don’t need to invest in your own office or to hire other people.