8 Creative Home Based Business Opportunities for 2015

There are plenty of reasons for starting your own home based business. Some people do it to earn extra money beside their career, others don’t feel like working in an office and, of course, some people just follow their dreams. No matter in which category you fit, it is never too late to start something new. And what better time for establishing your own home based business than the new year?

There are lots of areas with fast growing popularity and chances to succeed. But all of them have something in common – you have to work hard to achieve your goals. And if you are short of ideas, we have gathered some of the best ideas for this year.

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Mobile phone repair business

cell phone repair businessDo you have skills in repairing mobile phones? Are you knowledgeable about different electronic parts, basic software programs, mobile apps or experienced in maintaining small electronics? Cell phone, smartphone and tablet repair business is a terrific idea for this decade as the electronics market is growing due to the huge demand. Now as the prices of smartphones are high, it is cheaper to go to a repair shop than head to the store for a new one. That’s why it has been a profit mine for those who know how to fix them.

Tourist Services


Living near tourist attractions bring viable business options. It is a very good opportunity to meet people, expirience the places that people visit and put your equity and skill to work for you. There are several options when you decide on which sector of the tourism business you would like to focus. You could develop accommodation establishments, offer transportation services and guided tours and, of cours set up a travel agency that could offer all that.

Portable Desserts business

Portable Desserts

The cupkaes and donuts that once ruled the entrepreneurial mind are now dying. They have been replaced by unusual combinations that customers love, such as ice cream sandwiches, croissants and even ice cubes infused with herbs and fruits. Whatever desserts you decide to bake, you need to contract your local health department to find out the regulations that apply. You will also need a full euqiped commercial kitchten. Think about how to make your business more popular – you could advertise, create a web site and, of course, have a secret recipe to beat out the rest.

Jewelry business


The rising prices of gold and silver are influencing the jewelry making from big brands and designer jewelry, to home made wearable styles. Resin and Perspex have been making a statement among colorful plastics in 2014. And let’t not forget that people are versatile and can put their imagination in great use while creating jewelry. If you are capable of making quality jewelry either for fun, as a hobby or you want to exploit the business opportunity, get the confidence and start advertising online your creations – it is still popular and never gets old.

Nutrition consulting

nutrition consultation

Unfortunately, there are lots of products in the supermarkets that should not probably even be classified as “food”, yet consumers buy them and put them in their bodies. Becoming a nutrition consultant is a winner today as three thirds of the population suffers from obesity problems. Nutrition consultants can help those people become concerned and cautious about the value of foods they eat by offering accurate information about health and by identifying what practices can promote healthy lifestyle for the clients to live a quality life. The nutrition consultants who want to start a business and promote health education need to check the local laws to identify, if they are required to be certified.

nutrition consultingA few tips for success:

  • learn and get trained
  • adapt a flexible business model and meet clients at their home, office or even outdoors
  • advertise yourself with a website or just start a blog
  • find an app to track daily food intake;
  • be creative – plan nutrition events or innovative tools to help your clients fight overweight and bad nutrition habits

Preparing gift baskets

gift basket

Gift baskets are quite popular and preparing them is not very difficult or cash demanding. You can sell them over the Internet or you can open a physical store. The production of gift baskets is a very creative enterprise and holds respectable profit potential, if you decide that this is the business for you. Customizable baskets are attractive present for both givers and receivers, as the concept of uniqueness, charming presentation and variety of items is full of excitement and thoughtfulness.


copywriting business

Do you like the idea of making a living while in transit or still traveling? Copywriting is a flexible job, requiring your expertise in the field of your choice writing, communication skills, as well as the ability to use the Internet with ease. You need to identify solid companies, start-ups or local businesses that might be interested in the type of content you procude or sites who are looking for quality online copywriters to begin. The costs involved are close to nothing and you can enjoy sharing knowledge and information for your clients’ needs.

Photography business

photography business

Do you enjoy documenting your experiences with the lens? Photography business will provide you with the opportunity to incorporate your love for photographing with starting a good income-generating venture. The only investment you will need to make is buying a good quality camera and appropriate euqipment that will allow you to capture all the great scenes. To begin attracting the market for your photographs, you can add variety of services to your portfolio such as video services, share your photos in a blog or social media, there are no limits to what services your home photography business incorporates.