7 Scientifically Proven Steps for Creativity

Website builder blogosphere is full of articles relating to free online website builders, best website builders, free website builders, etc., which often stress on polished design, flexibility and optimization. One word that is also commonly used and accompanies the process of website, mobile, new-tech development is the word creative.

Creativity is considered 100% helpful for developing successful online business. It is the skill that pushes forward new ideas, perceives different perspective on one topic, and stimulates flexibility and use of up-to-date data.

Having in mind that new technologies and mobile world trends were introduced by creative geniuses such as Steve Jobs and Bill Gates, we decided to take a look at the scientific explanation of this process (or anti-process as some people claim). Based on this research we have derived 7 steps that will make you more creative.

Go with the Flow State

Go with the flow and be more creative

If you want to immerse in a task and succeed, don’t strain your brain cells. At least that’s what the scientists tell us. A recent neuroscience study on jazz and rap improvisation suggests that being in a flow stateengage fully in what you do, without self-judgment and self-awareness – is the true source of creativity. And while practicing flow promoting activities you should do nothing more but…


Enjoy the moment and be more creative

…the moment. As this Swedish study on professional pianists shows that the one who enters flow state more often experience a state of enjoyment without any mental discomfort. Here is what the researchers said:

“Flow may thus be a state of subjectively effortless attention that occurs during skilled performance and has different underlying mechanisms from attention during mental effort.”

Remember these words – “effortless attention”!

Don’t be one-sided

Use your imagination

We’ve all heard about left & right brain hypothesis – rational against irrational, mathematics against art, and so on. Well, guess what… It’s wrong when it comes to creativity. The creative process actually involves the dynamic interplay between different parts of the two hemispheres. So, don’t be one-sided and always look from different angles if you want to be creative.

Use your Imagination



There are three centers in the brain that take care for creativity – Imagination Network, Attentional Control Network and Attentional Flexibility. By decreasing the Attentional Control Network and increasing the activation of the Imagination and Attentional Flexibility Networks through free associations, daydreaming and free flow practice you will get to a point where new ideas will emerge on the surface.


Practice boosts creativity

The “hot spots” in the brain responsible for creativity according to scientific studies are the regions responsible for different mental activities:  imagining the future, daydreaming, remembering deeply personal memories, meaning making, constructive internal reflection, and social cognition. Have in mind that you practice creativity each time you do any of these activities.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

Don't be afraid to make mistakes

The president of Pixar Animation and Walt Disney Ed Catmull recently stressed on the importance of creativity in the work environment. At Neuroscience 2013 he discussed how we can foster creativity and one of the steps is… promotion of safe environment for making mistakes. Catmull also revealed several keys to fostering a sustainable creative culture at Pixar.

Make yourself a ‘creative shelter’

Creative Shelter boosts creativity

Colors, temperature, noise and daylight have an impact on your creative process as this study shows. Make sure you set everything in such a manner that you feel comfort and safe. Then let your brain do the rest!

Creating a website with a website builder means that you’re a creator of your own and you must use your creativity. Oxxy Website Builder team hopes that these steps will make you build a more creative approach in you work.